Your Expectations Are Not Too High — There Are Guys Out There Who Will Meet Them

Your Expectations Are Not Too High — There Are Guys Out There Who Will Meet Them ©iStock/Geribody

For a while, it seemed like every guy I went on a date with disappointed me in one way or another. I started to wonder: Was it me? Was I crazy? Did wanting a decent guy mean I was wanting too much? Now that I’m engaged, it turns out my expectations weren’t too high after all. There really are good guys out there, and eventually you’ll find the one for you. If you’ve begun to doubt yourself and your standards, don’t. Real men don’t think twice about doing these things for the women they love:

  1. They try to make you swoon. When you first start dating, a good man may try to woo you with his chivalrous door-opening and check-paying. As your relationship progresses, he may start to do the laundry or surprise you with your favorite snacks to light your fire. The point is, real men try to impress their ladies — and not just because they think it’ll get them laid.
  2. They make you their number one priorityYou’re the first person he calls on the way home from work, the first to hear about good news (or bad) and the first to be invited to special events. That’s because you’re his number one priority and he wants to share everything that’s important to them with you.
  3. They always have your back. You know without a doubt that if there’s an emergency, if your tire goes flat or if there was a huge scary spider you need to be rescued from, your boyfriend will be there for you — not because he thinks he has to be, but because he wants to be.
  4. They’re done playing mind games. Once you’ve found a guy who doesn’t ignore your texts, wait three days to call you back or speak in cryptic, ambiguous messages, hang on to him because he really cares. He’s too mature to play dating games — like you, he’s looking for something real.
  5. They aren’t afraid to show how much they love you. Cheesy texts, silly notes and corny inside jokes are all part of the language you speak to each other. Plus, he’s not afraid to hold your hand, put his arm around you and of course, say “I love you” — even (and especially) in public.
  6. They love talking about your future together. Not all guys are afraid of commitment, and what’s more, the right guy won’t be afraid of making a commitment to you. He’s just as excited about your future together because he knows life is better when you’ve got a partner to share it with.
  7. They don’t try to mooch off you. I’m not saying you should be looking for a sugar daddy. In fact, you should be able to support yourself before getting into a relationship. However, you’re not responsible for financially supporting him, at least not until you’re serious and that’s an arrangement you’ve agreed on. The point is, a real man won’t take advantage of your generosity, financially or otherwise.
  8. They love showing you off to friends and family. Whether you’ve been dating for five days or married for 10, a man that really cares about you is proud to call you his partner. In the early stages of dating, he’ll be excited to impress his loved ones with your awesomeness; after awhile (if all goes well), everyone will just consider you part of the family.
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