Is Your Partner Using Facebook To Cheat On You? 6 Signs To Look Out For

It’s never been easier to cheat on your partner than it is in 2019. From dating apps to social media, the opportunities for being unfaithful are everywhere and sadly, far too many people take advantage of them. Could your S.O. be using Facebook to cheat on you? According to Psychology Today, you should be on the lookout for these signs that something’s not quite right.

He gets texts at all hours of the day or night. Even if you and your partner tend to stay up late, there’s no reason for a colleague or a “friend” to be texting them late at night, especially not on a regular basis. Barring a serious emergency that in some way affects them—your partner’s workplace has burned down or a mutual friend has been in a serious accident—they can save what they have to say for the next day, surely?

You don’t get the inside jokes on their Facebook wall or know the people posting them. While you don’t need to be in on every aspect of your partner’s life, if they’re constantly posting in-jokes with or receiving comments from someone you’ve never even heard of and they haven’t bothered to tell you about, there might be cause for concern.

He never lets his phone or tablet out of his sight. It’s normal to leave your phone on the couch or coffee table when you hit the shower, but if your partner can’t even go make a cup of coffee without taking their phone with them, this could be a sign that they’re chatting to someone else online.

You wake up to see them on their phone in the middle of the night. We all have trouble falling or staying asleep sometimes and end up scrolling endlessly down our phones until we get tired again. However, if you wake up to find your partner furiously messaging with someone on Facebook, only for them to quickly exit out of the program or turn their phone screen off when they notice you’re also awake, you have to wonder what they’re up to.

They get deeply engrossed in conversations but never let you in on what they’re talking about. There’s nothing more annoying than trying to have a conversation with someone when they’re staring at their phone screen so hard that they barely even notice you’re there. If your partner frequently gets so into their Messenger convos that you feel like you’re talking to a brick wall, it makes sense that you’d start to suspect that they’re up to no good.

They get defensive when you remark on their phone use. Whenever you dare to bring up the fact that you notice they’re on their phone all the time, they either freak out on you or even accuse you of being on your phone even more (and even if it’s totally untrue). This is classic deflection and also a major sign that they have a bit of a guilty conscience. What are they up to on that thing?

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