Family Of Man Poisoned By Girlfriend After Inheriting $30 Million Claim They Were Scammed

Family Of Man Poisoned By Girlfriend After Inheriting $30 Million Claim They Were Scammed Minot Police Department | Facebook/Steven Riley

Money is important, but some people believe it’s worth killing over. The family of a man who was poisoned by his girlfriend after he inherited $30 million say they were the victims of a scam. Ina Thea Kenoyer is accused of killing Steven Riley on September 5. He got sick and died at a hospital in Bismarck, North Dakota two days later — the same day he went to meet up with his supposed lawyer to collect his “inheritance.” His death was later discovered to be due to antifreeze poisoining and Kenoyer was charged with his murder.

While Kenoyer obviously killed Riley as she believed she’d be entitled to a huge chunk of cash, Riley’s son Ryan claims there was never a $30 million to begin with and that the couple had been duped.

Steven Riley reportedly planned to break up with Ina Thea Kenoyer.

Per The New York Post, Riley, 51, knew exactly how he planned to spend the cash he was due to receive but didn’t want his girlfriend involved and planned to end their relationship prior to his death.

Of course, he never got that far as he collapsed while on his way to the Minot Airport to collect the cash and died shortly after.

Ryan Riley says the couple were victims of an online scam.

Ryan, 21, told the Post that his dad got an email from a random person woh claimed to represent someone in Riley’s distant family. In order to hand over the $30 million, he’d have to meet up with the lawyer in person to sign some paperwork.

“He wasn’t suspicious before he went to the airport, but he was convinced he had inherited the money and was going to receive it when the supposed lawyer landed,” Ryan explained.

“He planned on getting acres of land, giving me and some of my brothers a chunk. Then opening his own auto shop. But the supposed lawyer never showed up. It was a scam. It was a stranger who managed to trick my dad into believing it was true, unfortunately.”

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Kenoyer killed Steven Riley for absolutely nothing.

According to Ryan, he and his four brothers were well-aware of how unhappy his dad was with Kenoyer and knew that he planned to end things.

However, she took advantage of him and wanted to suck him dry — and she ultimately look his life.

“They weren’t too happy [and] my dad wanted to leave her for a while,” Ryan explained. “She just never worked and was leeching off of him. She was extremely lazy and never did anything. My dad] was a very caring person and would go out of his way to help those around him.”

He added that after his dad died, he took leave from the military in Texas to rush home to North Dakota and was shocked by the state of the home his father had been living in.

“It was very nasty conditions,” he recalled. “Dog waste almost everywhere, dirty clothes scattered all over the house, trash seemed to be endless, nothing there was clean.”

Police say there is no legitimate record of any inheritance that Steven Riley would have been entitled to.

Captain Dale Plessas, Investigation Commander of Minot Police Department told The Post: “Both Steven an Ina believed the $30 million inheritance was real, but we have no indication that it would have ever been paid out.”

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