These Famous Women Refused To Settle And Only Got Married After 40

While many of us feel pressured to settle down by the time we reach our thirties, there’s no shame in waiting to say “I do” (or never saying it at all, of course). If you need a little reassurance that getting married later in life is no big deal, remember that these famous women didn’t do it until after their 40th birthdays.

  1. Amy Adams She’s made out with some of Hollywood’s hottest guys, but in real life, Adams only married Darren Le Gallo just before she turned 41, after 14 years together. They met at an acting class and had their daughter while engaged. Adams has said they would have never made it official had it not been for their daughter’s insistence.
  2. Salma Hayek Despite having her pick of just about any man with a pulse, Hayek didn’t get married until she was 42. Her Mr. Right was French billionaire François-Henri Pinault, with whom she had daughter Valentina while engaged. Before meeting him, Hayek openly stated she had no interest in getting married.
  3. Ellen DeGeneres She experienced tremendous backlash after coming out as a lesbian in 1997, but DeGeneres rebuilt her whole life in her 40s. In an interview with Dax Shepard for his Armchair Expert podcast, she reflected on her struggles, saying, “No one would touch me. I had no agent, no possibility of a job, I had nothing.” Thank goodness times have changed! DeGeneres had a couple of long-term relationships as she rebuilt her empire. She didn’t get married, however, until she was 50 (to the lovely Portia de Rossi).
  4. Cameron Diaz Arguably the most impressive roster of ex-boyfriends, Diaz’s former lovers include the likes of Matt Dillon, Jared Leto, and Justin Timberlake. However, it was to Benji Madden that she said “I do” at the age of 42. They met when Benji’s brother Joel brought him along to Diaz’s home for a barbecue.
  5. Diane Sawyer The pinnacle of journalistic success, this well-educated, classic beauty had several lengthy, high-profile relationships. Sawyer was also 42 when she walked down the aisle to marry Mike Nichols, whom she met when she worked as the first female correspondent on 60 Minutes. Sadly, Nichols passed away in 2014; Sawyer never had any children.
  6. Sandra Bullock Her marriage to Jesse James has since ended, but Bullock was 41 on their wedding day. Before Jesse, she was never shy to publicly say that marriage just wasn’t a priority for her. Bullock enjoyed her 20s and 30s dating hunks like Troy Aikman, Ryan Gosling, and Matthew McConaughey. (Yes, we’re jealous.)
  7. Elizabeth Hurley We all remember the mug shot for Hugh Grant after being caught with a prostitute during his 13-year relationship with Hurley. She initially stood by her husband but later moved on, marrying Arun Nayar when she was 41. They have since divorced. Fun fact: Hugh is the godfather of Damian, Hurley’s son with Steve Bing.
  8. Mariska Hargitay Best known as Olivia Benson on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Hargitay tied the knot with the handsome Peter Hermann when she was 40. She gave birth to her first child, their son August Miklos Friedrich, at 42. They seem to be doing great and have adopted two children, Amaya Josephine and Andrew Nicolas.
  9. Julianna Margulies Working around all the heartthrobs on ER must not have been too shabby of a gig. After ending a 12-year relationship, Margulies wed for the first time at 41. The lucky guy? Attorney Keith Lieberthal, who she met at a dinner party she didn’t even want to attend. Margulies gave birth to their son, Kieran Lindsay, a couple of months after their low-key nuptials.
  10. Marcia Cross Far from a desperate housewife, Cross was 44 when she married the dapper stockbroker Tom Mahoney. Shortly after their wedding, she underwent in vitro fertilization and later gave birth to twin girls Eden and Savannah. Jamie Diamond writes in an interview with Cross for Good Housekeeping, “Before she met her husband, Cross says, she was involved with a string of men who had no interest in marriage or family and who broke her heart.”
  11. Cynthia Nixon Best known as the cynical Miranda Hobbes on Sex and the City, Nixon was 46 when she wed her activist partner, Christine Marinoni. It was a non-traditional ceremony, to say the least, with Nixon donning a green wedding dress custom-made by Carolina Herrera. Prior to Marinoni she only dated men, but she now openly identifies herself as bisexual.
  12. Jessica Chastain A fiercely private, self-proclaimed feminist, Chastain prefers to speak out against the discrimination faced by women and minorities rather than her personal life. We do know that Chastain was 40 when she wed her longtime boyfriend, Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo. He’s a Count of Italian Nobility and they married at the family’s estate in Treviso, Italy. Good things really do come to those who wait!
Diana Jordan is a Canadian writer, editor, and small business owner. When not working or spending time with her family and friends, she volunteers with seniors and adults with disabilities in her community. Diana is also a passionate sports fan and a merciless Chess player.