Fanta Piña Colada Is Coming—Who’s Got The Rum?

Summer may still be several months away and the days may still be way too short and gray (unintentional rhyming!), but I can almost feel summer just around the corner now that Fanta is releasing a Piña Colada flavor. Who’s got the rum? I’m ready to make this thing boozy.

Thanks for the tip, @candyhunting. The Instagram food and drink account posted a photo of Fanta Piña Colada on Friday, February 8, along with the news that the drink will be available in stores from Monday, February 10. Short notice on great, unexpected news that I’m pretty grateful to hear.

It sounds downright delicious. I’m a fan of the actual Piña Colada, so taking the delicious flavors from the alcohol-laden drink and putting it in soda form is an instant win for me. The Fanta beverage is caffeine-free and the bottle advertises it as being 100% natural, but neither of those things matters to me. It’s all about the flavor!

What will it taste like, though? Piña Colada is a delicious combo of pineapple and coconut, so hopefully Fanta can balance the flavors here equally since I love both. The rum is something I can add myself, of course. I’m thinking maybe a bit of Malibu or Bacardi (or maybe a bit of both). The sky really is the limit here, people, so let’s all get creative, shall we?

It’s no telling how long this flavor will stick around. Fanta hasn’t made an official announcement about their Piña Colada flavor, so it’s unclear whether the release is nationwide or only in selected markets. It’s also uncertain whether this is a limited edition option or a permanent addition to their flavor lineup. Hopefully it’s the latter since this would be the perfect flavor for summer, which is still several months away. Either way, can’t wait to try it!

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