When I Fantasize, It’s Usually About Lovey-Dovey Romantic Stuff—Is That Weird?

When we hear the word “fantasy,” we often imagine scenes of a sexual nature. Although I’ll think about sex with the guy I like from time to time, I find that most of my fantasies are suitable for all ages. It’s those romantic, lovey-dovey moments that I like to spend my time thinking about—like these, for instance:

Making a meal together

 There’s something just so romantic about making food together. I can teach my crush some cooking tips and he can show me how to properly filet a fish. Cute AND romantic!

Hanging out on the edge of the bed

 Forget hanging out IN bed—the edge is where it’s at. For some reason, I’d rather dream about all the things that happen before sex as opposed to what happens during or even after. I’m especially interested in the moments right before I kiss my crush for the first time. It’s pure magician it’s always on the edge of the bed.

Holding hands on the street

 When I have a crush, I’ll always go right to fantasizing about us holding hands and talking while we walk down the street. It’s just so romantic, like we belong to each other.

Driving in the car

 I’ll sometimes think about what it would be like to take a trip with my crush—what kind of music we would listen to, how we would smile at each other for brief moments, hold hands… It’s all very PG but I find it totally thrilling.

Our first kiss

 When I really like someone, I’ll play out all the possible ways we’ll have our first kiss over and over again in my head. It’s the lead-up that really gets me going. All of the excitement and nervousness involved makes it just so fun to fantasize about.

Cuddling in bed

 This is, of course, the ultimate lovey-dovey fantasy. I picture us cuddling in our PJs in the morning and just talking about everything and anything without a care in the world. It’s a simple pleasure, but that’s the best kind, I think.

Keeping each other warm when it’s cold outside

 I imagine us standing outside in the cold bundled up in our winter coats, hats, and mittens and keeping each other warm with our body heat. Any way I can picture myself being protected by the guy I like just does it for me. It’s way more thrilling than any kind of sexual fantasy I can conjure up.

Being his date at a fancy event

 Any sort of fancy event will do—a wedding, a bat mitzvah, a dinner party—anything that requires dressing up. I just like to imagine us as a fancy-schmancy couple going out for the night wearing really cool clothes.

Him helping me up after I get hurt.

I’ve seen this scene a million times in movies and I can’t help but play over what it would be like if my crush caught me when I fell or bandaged me up after getting cut. I’m telling you, it’s the main ingredient for a blossoming romance.

Laying on the couch together

 Laying on the couch after a long day, maybe by a fire or by the glow of the TV, thinking about relaxing with my crush makes my heart happy. What’s not to love about that picture?

Hanging out with our families

 I like to imagine what my crush would be like if I introduced him to my family and maybe also what his family is like. I’ll think about how he’d get along with my siblings, my parents, even my dog. Maybe it’s weird to go so in-depth, but I know I’m not the only one who thinks about this!

Kissing in the rain

 The ultimate romantic movie trope. Kissing in the rain is pretty much every girl’s fantasy and I find myself playing this one over and over in my head, picturing what it would be like to be in one of those scenes I see on the big screen.

Him putting a blanket over me

 This image just makes my heart melt. I like to imagine my crush putting a blanket over me when we’re in bed together because he’s worried I might be cold. It’s just so dang cute, my heart can barely contain it.

Being stuck in an emergency situation

 I don’t know if this is normal but I sometimes fantasize about what would happen if my crush and I were stuck in an emergency like a fire or a flood or hell, even an apocalypse. It would just be us against the world. Not an ideal situation, by any means, but I still like to think about it for some reason…

The first time I sleep over at his house

 I have no idea what his room looks like, but it doesn’t mean I’ll ever stop fantasizing about it. I wonder what it looks like! I wonder if he has any books? Or if he has Batman sheets?

Bumping into each other at random

 I like to imagine myself bumping into him on the street while wearing an awesome outfit and striking up a conversation which just so happens to make him realize that he needs to be with me.

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