Farmer Charges Couple $65 After They Park In His Field To Have Sex And Get Stuck

A couple who decided to park on a local farmer’s field to have sex had a pretty expensive roll in the hay, so to speak, after the landowner charged them $65 (£50) for getting their vehicle stuck in the mud, requiring a tow truck to pull them out. The recovery firm, Campbells Recovery, shared the hilarious story on their Facebook as it was one of their most memorable call-outs yet.

  1. Why park on a farmer’s field? Surely they could have parked on the side of the road and simply walked to the field if that’s what they were after? I suppose logic didn’t play a part in this ordeal, but at least we got a great story out of it!
  2. You have to admit this is pretty hilarious. “Probably one of the funniest call-outs we have had in a while, customer calls and says he has a dilemma,” Campbells Recovery wrote on Facebook. He pulled into a field to [have sex with] a bird last night and was woken this morning by an angry farmer who wanted him off his land. But, [he] realized he was stuck. When I asked for a live location he said, ‘you can’t miss me. I’m the only Ford Focus growing in the field.'” LOL! 
  3. This was a pretty expensive lay. Not only did the car owner have to pay to be towed off the field, but he also had to hand over $65 to the farmer so that he wouldn’t call the cops on the couple for trespassing! “Expensive s*** as he had to pay the farmer £50 for kipping in his field so he wouldn’t call the police and then the recovery fee,” Campbells’ post continued. “P.S just to clarify no wives/girlfriends were harmed by this post. The lad gives no f**** about us putting this up.”
  4. Here’s hoping the couple picks a better spot next time. Particularly one that won’t cost them bigtime and isn’t trespassing on anyone else’s land!
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