Woman Farts Out Colored Powder In Most Hilarious Gender Reveal Ever

I’m going to drop a serious hot take on you here: gender reveals are dumb. It’s great that you’re having a baby and it’s cool to tell people that you’re having a boy or a girl, but hosting elaborate events and going to great lengths to make it A Thing is stupid and it needs to stop. That being said, I make an exception for this gender reveal, which used a fart to get the message across.

Scroll down to read more about the reveal and see the video.

  1. YouTuber Paige Ginn is hilarious. She’s basically made a whole online career out of potty humor and stupid fart-related jokes and pranks. It’s certainly a unique branding technique, and while it can be a bit juvenile, it’s never been put to better use than it has here.
  2. She farted out colored powder to reveal the gender of her baby. Ginn is having a boy, but we only know that because she posted a YouTube video of herself laying on the floor and farting out blue powder. She’s completely pantsless and surrounded by colored balloons and it’s ridiculously funny. What’s even funnier is that the video is only six seconds long. Short and sweet!
  3. She didn’t just do it for the internet. She had a few friends around too, and they all lost their minds when the blue powder came out of Ginn’s butt, jumping around and cheering. It’s a boy, hurrah!
  4. She already has more than half a million views on the video. As of November 17, Ginn has 546,000+ videos on the video and that number is only going to climb, I’m sure. Pretty much everyone in the comments thankfully seems to get that it’s a joke and meant to be funny rather than serious (because who would do this seriously?) but there are a few naysayers who clearly need to lighten up a bit.
  5. Congrats, Ginn! You have the best gender reveal ever and the only one I approve of (which is of course all that matters here, haha).

Piper is a NYC-based writer who loves dogs, iced coffee, and calling people out on their BS.