This Fart Vacuum Sucks Up The Stench Of Your Flatulence Before You Stink The House Out

Everybody farts – that’s just part of life. However, some flatulence stinks much worse than others, and if you don’t live alone, it can be an embarrassing or downright gross situation if you’re particularly windy. The Fart Vac aims to stop all that – it’s a vacuum of sorts that sucks up the smell so you don’t make your house smell like 10,000 rotten eggs. Hey, it’s worth a try, right?

It doesn’t take the smell away completely, apparently. The Fart Vac claims that it “reduces the stench of flatulence,” which means that a bit of stink will likely still get through. Still, depending how bad it is, you might be grateful for any level of release!

It’s basically made of an air pump and a carbon filter. It’s hand-operated using a pump that pulls in the smell and neutralizes it. “It is time to align norms and manners to what is healthy! By taking responsibility and trying to reduce your fart smells, you can now fart without shame–no more pain while fighting nature and holding in gas,” the product description reads.
“Join the proud movement to embrace your body’s natural functions.”

So how does it work? According to the website: “FartVac removes the fart gas under your clothing and filters it with activated carbon technology. Typically, farts are trapped by our clothing and don’t escape the fibres for about five seconds. This is the time when FartVac can remove and filter them.” Sure, that sounds legit.

Yes, it makes a great gag gift too. While Fart Vac claims to be a totally legitimate product that vacuums your stinky wind away, they admit that it also “makes a great gag or white elephant gift for the gassy people in your life.”

You can get your own FartVac on Amazon for $11.99. And to be honest, why wouldn’t you?

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