Fashion Finds – 9 Places to Get the Hottest Clothes on a Budget

Fashion Finds – 9 Places to Get the Hottest Clothes on a Budget ©iStock/filadendron

Wouldn’t it be nice to have thousands to blow on the latest designer sweatpants? You don’t have to have a massive bank account to be a trendsetter. I’m a clothes addict, but I can’t exactly afford to spend $100 or more for every shirt. If you’re willing to do a little searching, you can find the trendiest clothes on a budget. I’ve managed to get several brand new, designer outfits for around $50 and that’s for all the outfits combined. No matter what your budget is, your fashion doesn’t have to suffer any longer. Here’s where to look for bargains:

  1. Consignment Shops. These are basically thrift stores where you can trade in your old clothes. They’re also usually more organized, with slightly higher prices. You’re more likely to find more high end designer clothing in these stores. Most large cities are full of consignment shops. Do a quick search on Yelp and spend the day checking out just how much you can save. Check back often as the inventory changes daily.
  2. Thrift Stores. I know many people look down on thrift stores. Why would you want someone’s used clothing? While you’ll find the occasional bad thrift store, most are full of new and gently used clothing. I once bought a GAP skirt with the tags still on it for $1. I needed a cute black skirt for a special occasion; it was a major hit and everyone wanted to know where they could get their own. Here’s the thing. No one ever has to know where you bought the clothes. The label is the same whether it came new from the store or from a thrift shop.
  3. BeyondTheRack. If you don’t mind signing up for their emails, this site offers incredible fashion deals. You never know what might be on sale from one day to the next and it’s easy to get carried away. They have name brands every day for men and women for up to 80% off. One of the deals when I was writing this was trendy office dresses for just $29.99.
  4. A’GACI..Not only can you find the trendiest clothes on a budget, but the site even includes a Trends section. Stay on top of what’s fashionable at the moment with quick links to the entire outfit. You get the latest in fashion for less than department store pricing. They regularly have sales, so keep checking and you might get that sexy shift dress even cheaper.
  5. Seasonal clearance sales. Many stores have deep discounts on clothing at the end of the season. As you’ve probably noticed, what’s in style this year is probably still stylish next year. Plus, if you watch, the clearance sales begin long before the season ends. It’s even better if the store has rewards or discount programs. For instance, my favorite of the moment is Kohl’s. Clearance prices up to 80% off plus at least once a month you get at least one 15% off discount that’s good for anything in store or online. Learn to shop clearance and finally fill your closet. Even the high end designer shops run clearance sales.
  6. MyHabitYou have to sign up to become a member before you can see any of the discounts. The site is part of Amazon and offers high end designer and boutique fashion for up to 60% off. You’ll even find brands like Versace and Valentino. Pay close attention to quantities and time limits. Some items are available all the time, others only for a limited time and limited quantity. If you want the big brands for less, this is definitely a site to watch.
  7. Bluefly. This is similar to MyHabit, but you can shop without signing up. The site focuses on the pricier brands such as Prada and Wyatt. Most fashions are discounted anywhere from 30% to 60%. While it’s not the cheapest site for the budget conscious, it’s much cheaper than buying designer brands at full price. For instance, some $500 dresses were only $160. That’s huge. The site also has limited time discounts, so check back regularly.
  8. Overstock.This site is well known for providing discount pricing, yet many people overlook it for fashion. Overstock has some of the trendiest clothing for a fraction of the cost. Under the Women’s section, check the Designer Store section for the latest designer labels for less. Plus, shipping is super cheap no matter how much you spend. If you join their discount club, you can get even more off. I’ve never tried the program myself, but their regular discount prices are worth checking out.
  9. Old Navy. I know it may not seem to fit on this list, but have you seen their sales lately? It’s the only chain I’ve seen that regularly discounts the entire store anywhere from 30% to 50%. While you don’t get a huge selection of brands, the fashion is always on point with what’s trending. How often can you get jeans for under $20? If you’re looking for trend setting style without needing a high end designer label, Old Navy might just be the perfect place for you. Plus, you can shop online if there’s not one near you.

Fashion doesn’t have to destroy your budget. You  have options. Shop to your heart’s content. Just do it cheaply.

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