How It Feels Being The Girl Who Has Bad Luck In Love

While some people seem to have nothing but perfect luck when it comes to dating, it’s unfortunately not a reality for the rest of us. Navigating love when you just can’t catch a break is daunting at the best of times, but when you’re constantly facing dating disappointment, it’s easy to want to throw in the towel. If any of these sound familiar, you might be in the ever dreaded unlucky club:

  1. You start to wonder if you’re the problem. The more often you strike out with love, the more you start to blame yourself. Maybe you could be prettier, or more interesting, or if you lost 5 pounds they’d be all over you. In reality, you’re totally good enough the way you are, but either the guys aren’t right for you, or the timing is simply off.
  2. You start to hate couples. Seeing happy couples prancing around feels totally sickening when nothing is going right for you in the dating department. When hand holding makes you want to scream at them to get a room, you know you’ve hit your limit. We’re happy for you and we get it, but we just don’t want to see it, okay?
  3. You get jealous of your friends. We all have those friends who never have a problem finding good guys, and have never experienced the bad side of dating. Not only do you find total duds, but it’s hard to find even them! Seriously, where do these girls find all these awesome guys? You love your friends, even these ones, but you’re only human and jealously is a struggle.
  4. You dread family events. Showing up at a family event and being bombarded with questions about how single you are is about as fun as a root canal. Not only do you obsess over your bad dating luck, but your constantly reminded from others as well.
  5. You lose confidence. Coming out the other side of the unlucky dating world unscathed would be a massive feat. No one likes to be rejected, or have a hard time where others have it so easy, so a little hit to your confidence is pretty understandable.
  6. You feel forever alone. You almost can’t remember what a real relationship is like because you’ve been single for as long as you can remember. After a series of dating disappointments and meeting the wrong guys, the possibility of being forever alone feels more like a reality than a funny punch line.
  7. You’re terrified to get your hopes up. Every time you feel like you’ve snagged a good one, something seems to go wrong. Whether he turns out to be a jerk, or you’re just not that into him, you can pretty much predict the downward spiral coming your way.
  8. You always wonder when it’ll finally be your turn. Watching your friends settle down while you’re still looking for a pinch of luck to be thrown your way is kind of depressing. It’s easy to feel like your turn will never come, but remember, bad luck can’t last forever. After all, something has to give, right?