Female Bus Driver Regularly Told She’s ‘Too Pretty’ To Do Her Job

Female Bus Driver Regularly Told She’s ‘Too Pretty’ To Do Her Job iStock/Deberarr

A 24-year-old bus driver has said she constantly faces discrimination in the male-dominated industry and is regularly told she’s “too pretty” for the job. Jodie Leigh Fox, from Essex in the UK, always wanted to drive buses and finally made the career jump when she was 21. However, working in her dream job hasn’t been easy by any means and comes with its fair share of challenges. That being said, she doesn’t regret it one bit!

  1. Jodie applied for the role after seeing an ad. Incidentally, the ad was posted on the back of a bus! She applied pretty much immediately and since then, she’s gone on to drive double-decker buses, holiday coaches, and even limousines. How badass is that? “When I left my job as a carer, I realized that I had always been intrigued about driving buses. I would always sit near the front near the driver and I loved driving so I made the dream come to life,” Jodie said. Good for her!
  2. The hassle she gets from male passengers is really upsetting. In addition to regularly telling her she’s “too pretty” for the job, Jodie often gets negative comments from men while on the job. “I’ve had so many comments from passengers – mainly men. When men get on the bus, I always get the same reaction which tends to be ‘you’re so pretty’ or ‘I’ve never seen such a beautiful bus driver in my life,'” Jodie admits. “People have said that I’m too pretty to be a bus driver but I get some nice comments from other females complimenting me and my nails or my hair and make-up.”
  3. She worked hard to get this job. Jodie didn’t just wake up one day and become a bus driver – she had to get certain qualifications to make it happen. “I had to do a lot of tests to become a bus driver; it’s not easy like people might think. You have to do an English and maths test and about five different modules before eventually doing your theory,” she shared. Not only that, but she finds it difficult to make friends since there aren’t really any younger women in the profession. “There’s no females around a similar age of mine; I have made friends with a few people in the garage but I normally just get my duty card and then leave for my shift.”
  4. Of course, she loves what she does and wouldn’t change a thing. Jodie has been documenting her career as a bus driver on TikTok and people are loving it, which she never would have expected. “I didn’t think I would blow up the way I have. I have posted videos before but not in work uniform and it wasn’t until I posted that I was a bus driver that people went mad for it,” she said. “I love my job; I’m hoping to do this until I retire!”

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