Female Gamer Exposes Chest During Live Broadcast In Major WTF Moment

A female gamer has gone viral for exposing her bare chest only moments into a live gaming stream and getting the show’s host, Genietfan, banned from the Twitch platform where the show was being hosted. The gamer, known as Kaitwan13, was invited to play the post-apocalyptic game H1Z1 but decided to pull the stunt, leading Genietfan to shout, “Kay, what the f***?!”

  1. Kaitwan’s stunt got Genietfan banned from Twitch for 30 days. Genietfan, whose real name is Vincent Naeri, is being punished for Kaitwan’s actions even though it had nothing to do with him. It’s unfair, yes, but rules are rules.
  2. Kaitwan has since apologized and still wants to be friends with Genietfan. Not long after the incident, she took to Twitter to say: “I have apologized to @genietFAN I can’t do much more, I hope we can get past this & still be friends. We all make mistakes, don’t act like your better than someone else.”
  3. Genietfan has forgiven her but doesn’t want to be friends. I can’t say I blame him. As a popular Twitch broadcaster, Kaitwan’s actions threatened his channel and potentially his livelihood, so there’s really no excuse for it.
  4. Kaitwan deleted most of her social media accounts due to backlash. While some gaming fans did come to her defense, she got plenty of backlash for her actions, leading her to delete most of her online accounts. It’s unclear what made her do what she did or if she even did it on purpose (which I feel is safe to assume she did, but who knows?), but many still miss her presence online now.
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