Female Prisoner Pregnant After Sleeping With Fellow Inmate At Women’s Prison

A transgender inmate at a New Jersey women’s prison has admitted to impregnating two fellow inmates while serving time at a New Jersey women’s prison. Demetrius Minor, 27, got Latonia Bellamy and another prisoner pregnant after starting up a physical relationship with the two women while behind bars. Now, everyone in the prison system is up in arms about how this could have happened.

  1. Bellamy will give birth early this fall. The 31-year-old is behind bars after being convicted of double murder. However, that didn’t stop her from getting involved with Minor behind bars at Edna Mahan Correctional Facility. The identity of the other woman and her crime have not been revealed.
  2. Minor is also serving 30 years for a violent crime. She was sentenced over the death of her foster father and carjacking. While she was not out as trans when originally sentenced, she has since begun living life as a woman and was moved to Edna Mahan, New Jersey’s only all-women’s prison, last year.
  3. The prison didn’t always house trans prisoners. However, that all changed in 2021 after an inmate teamed up with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and brought a lawsuit against the facility. There are now 27 trans prisoners at the prison.
  4. The prison has a pretty lax socialization policy. A source told the Daily Mail that that cell doors are left open during recreation time, so it’s not inconceivable that inmates would find a quiet time and place to get it on.
  5. Prison authorities aren’t surprised this has happened. William Sullivan, president of the union that represents NJ’s correctional officers, said: “We foresaw this in 2019 when we filed an injunction to stop the transfer of inmates to the women’s facility that identify as transgender. We cautioned this would probably end up badly, meaning with pregnancies. There’s congregate showers, recreation, and we can’t watch all 800 inmates every single second of the day.”
  6. Bellamy insists that her relationship with Minor was totally consensual. While Bellamy said in an essay she wrote that there is a “pervasive culture” that allows assault within the prison, that wasn’t the case for her and Minor’s dalliance because she wasn’t “forced to do anything that I did not want to do.”
  7. Not only that, but it was based on genuine affection. This wasn’t a quick hookup, it was something deeper and more meaningful. “I did what is natural to every human being [I] formed a natural and genuine bond that let to an extensive amount of support, understanding and love,” Bellamy reportedly wrote. “What incarcerated individual do (sic) not yearn for a second chance at life when your teens, twenties and thirties are withering away behind four walls, a steel door and barb wire gates. Your very soul feel (sic) as if you are suffocating inside and the very air you breathe causes internal convulsions. Imagine having someone understand the true capacity of internal feelings that are hard to describe but a simple look or gesture brings forth understanding.”
  8. It’s unclear who will care for Bellamy and Minor’s baby once it’s born. However, Bellamy hopes she will get to spend time with her child, writing: “While I do accept accountability for my actions of falling in love, I find myself being in a place of fault which is unfair to me because several blind eyes were turned. Our love was known and not hidden, yet forbidden. A child is going to be born. What is going to be done to assure that a mother can spend an adequate amount of time with her baby before separation?'”
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