Female Tourist Climbs Rome’s Trevi Fountain To Fill Water Bottle

There seems to be an epidemic at the moment of tourists who have forgotten how to act like decent, respectful human beings when visiting other countries. Remember a few months ago when that guy carved his initials in the Colosseum in Rome? Well, one woman has decided to do him one better and climb the Trevi Fountain in the city so she could fill her water bottle. What the hell is wrong with people?

  1. A video of the incident was posted online. For better or worse, you can’t do anything these days without it being immortalized forever in video form. Another visitor to the Trevi Fountain saw the woman climbing and began recording, and the clip went viral on TikTok pretty much immediately.
  2. The female tourist clearly didn’t care about what she was doing. In the video, you can see her walking over a row of rocks to get to the center of Trevi Fountain, which is one of the highlights of the city dating back to the 18th- century, as other visitors watch her in shock. She then fills up her water bottle and goes to walk away.
  3. A guard did try and stop the woman. As she was leaving, the guard blew their whistle and walked over to her. They then had a conversation for a few seconds before the guard marches her away.
  4. The woman should have gotten in big trouble. It’s completely and utterly disrespectful and inappropriate to begin climbing over landmarks or defacing them for any reason. Italy takes the protection of its monuments and relics very seriously, so she could have landed in hot water.
  5. Tourists can be fined up to 500 euros for climbing in Trevi Fountain. Whether or not that’s indeed what happened to the woman in the video is unclear, but it certainly should have.
  6. The Fountain is there to be enjoyed, but not like this. Instead, visitors are encouraged to throw a coin into the water that will ensure they get to come back to Rome again in the future. The money raised goes to the Catholic charity Caritas, with about $1.6 million being raised every year.
  7. People seem to have lost their damn minds since Covid. It’s like no one knows how to act in public anymore! From rude behavior at concerts (and everywhere else) to being disruptive and destructive while traveling, people need to get their acts together!

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