Caitlyn Jenner Says Kim Kardashian ‘Calculated’ Her Fame ‘From The Beginning’

Caitlyn Jenner Says Kim Kardashian ‘Calculated’ Her Fame ‘From The Beginning’ Hulu | Sky TV

Caitlyn Jenner is kind of the worst. From her support for anti-LGBTQIA+ politicians to her complete and utter disregard for the very trans community of which she’s part, she gets more attention these days for being a right-wing nutter than she does for doing anything good in the world. She also doesn’t care about shading her family. While I’m no Kardashians apologist (they do represent everything that’s wrong with America), it seems a bit sh*tty for Jenner to bash the family she’s still very much a part of. However, that didn’t stop her from taking part in a new documentary about the world’s most famous family, in which she said that Kim Kardashian’s rise to fame was “calculated … from the beginning.”

  1. To be fair, Caitlyn Jenner isn’t lying. Everything the Kardashians have done throughout their careers in the public eye has been calculated to bring them the maximum amount of attention and money at whatever cost. Still, Jenner raised those girls — and his two biological daughters are very much a product of this upbringing/approach — so why is she opening her mouth?
  2. The documentary is clearly not pro-Kardashian. Sky TV in the UK released a trailer for “House of Kardashian” last week, and it’s clear this isn’t a simple biopic. In fact, at one point, a voiceover claims, “They ruined the world!” which shows exactly what the program’s makers think of them. For Caitlyn Jenner to volunteer to be a part of it seems “calculated” in and of itself.
  3. So yeah, Kim has been dreaming of stardom since she was young. Big surprise there! Still, Jenner confirms this in the docuseries, stating, “Kimberly calculated from the beginning, ‘How do I become famous?’” Joe Francis, a friend of the Kardashian family and the founder of “Girls Gone Wild” adds that Kim’s sex tape with Ray-J was “a means to an end” as it would “create controversy.”
  4. Caitlyn Jenner stands by her appearance in the documentary. As she was likely offered a pretty solid paycheck (and she’s not getting any other work these days), Jenner thinks it’s all good. “I was happy to participate in the interview process to share my side which points to the strength, influence, and prowess my family has in captivating the world’s attention and keeping it over the years,” she said in a statement. “I am incredibly proud of all my children and stepchildren.” Not sure if they’ll be proud of you after this, but cool, cool.
  5. “House of Kardashian” wants to be explosive, but that’s unlikely. Most people with any amount of sense already know that the Kardashian-Jenner dynasty is masterminded by Kris Jenner and that basically everything is fake AF and a setup to get them richer and more famous. To point out the specific lengths they went to in order to achieve this might be interesting, but it’s hardly going to surprise most people.
  6. The docuseries premieres next month. You’ll be able to watch “House of Kardashian” on Sky Documentaries and the Now streaming service from October 8.

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