A Fifth ‘American Pie’ Movie Is In The Works According To Tara Reid Universal Pictures

A Fifth ‘American Pie’ Movie Is In The Works According To Tara Reid

It’s hard to believe that the first American Pie movie came out all the way back in 1999 – that’s 22 years ago (God, I feel old). The classic comedy following Jim, Kevin, Paul, and Oz on prom night as they try to lose their virginities was absolutely hilarious and so loved by fans that it got three follow-up movies. Now, according to Tara Reid, there may be a fifth American Pie movie on the way.

It’s been nearly nine years since the last American Pie movie. American Pie: Reunion came out back in 2012 and let fans catch up with the class of ’99 after too long away from them. It wasn’t quite as good as the movies that came before, but it was still good because it was full of nostalgia, and who doesn’t love to reminisce?

A fifth American Pie script actually exists. While another movie hasn’t officially been greenlit, Tara Reid said in a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight that the cast is open to meeting up for another adventure and that an actual script exists. Whaaaat? “It might happen… okay, I can’t tell you when, because I don’t really know when, because we have to get all the actors and at the same time to get our schedules together. There is a script out there. I’ll put it that way,” she said.

Apparently, the script is “one of the best ones.” It seems as though Reid has read the script and thinks it’s one of the best in the franchise, which is pretty great. She also said that while there’s no date set in stone, “it will happen, I just don’t know when.” Does she know more than she’s letting on? It seems like it, but who can say?

Reid has been talking about a fifth American Pie movie for a while now.American Pie is American Pie. Movies were a part of American culture, it’s a classic. It is known all over the world. I’m very excited,” Reid said as per MovieWeb when teasing another movie. Fingers crossed she’s right!

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