Fight Over Mayonnaise Ends With Man Repeatedly Running Over Friend With Truck, Killing Him

Fight Over Mayonnaise Ends With Man Repeatedly Running Over Friend With Truck, Killing Him Harrison County Sheriff's Office

An Iowa man was sentenced to life in prison this week after he fatally ran over his friend three times with his truck after a fight over mayonnaise. Kristofer Erlbacher, 29, was convicted of first-degree murder for killing 30-year-old Caleb Solberg in 2020, according to the Des Moines Register. Now, Erlbacher will spend the rest of his life behind bars.

  1. The argument between the men broke out at a bar. The pair were said to be eating when Elbacher put mayonnaise on Solberg’s sandwich, making him angry. They ended up getting a physical fight, but it eventually ended when Elbacher left the premises, threatening to hurt Solberg in the future. He also called Solberg’s brother Craig Pryor, threatening him. Later that night, Elbacher is said to have rammed Pryor’s car.
  2. Things escalated again between Elbacher and Solberg later that night. When Elbacher spotted his friend outside a cafe in another town later that night, he ran over him with his truck. Not content with harming him, he reportedly turned the car around and ran Solberg over twice more to make sure he was dead. Elbacher then called Pryor to say he’d killed his brother. “We won’t have to worry about his mouth anymore. I would have got you too, but I kind of like your kids,” Elbacher allegedly told Pryor during the call.
  3. Elbacher’s attorneys attempted to have his charge downgraded. They wanted a judge to try him for second-degree murder rather than first-degree murder. However, that request was unsuccessful as it was clear that his actions were deliberate and premeditated. The lawyer’s claims that Elbacher was drunk and didn’t intend to kill Solberg were clearly untrue.
  4. It’s unclear whether Elbacher will ever be eligible for parole. However, his mandatory life sentence seems more than justified here considering his actions.
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