Fights You’ll Definitely Have When You Move In Together

Fights You’ll Definitely Have When You Move In Together ©iStock/ Aleksandar Nakic

Couples fight. It’s inevitable, and necessary. Solid communication is essential to ensuring your relationship will not only last, but you’ll both be as happy you can possibly be. Sometimes it can be hard to learn how to fight constructively, and be understanding of each other’s needs, but once you figure it out, you’ll wonder why it took you so long. Until you decide to move in together. Sharing a living space is guaranteed to open up a whole new can of arguments that you had no idea were even possible. But it’s all worth it to be able to wake up next to the person you love every day… right?

  1. I thought you paid the internet bill! Until you get into a solid who’s paying what bill and when routine, you’re bound to hit a couple of snags due to miscommunication.
  2. Who’s turn is it to clean the bathroom? According to him, it’s always your turn. If it were up to him, spraying a little Febreeze around after he takes a dump would be all the cleaning required.
  3. No, your frat brother cannot sleep on the couch for 2 weeks. He used to let his freeloading, couch surfing friends stay at his place for as long as they wanted, but there’s no way in hell you’re allowing his disgusting former frat brother to sleep pants-less in your living room for one more night.
  4. Who gets to shower first? Until you realize you can just shower together. Problem solved.
  5. The wet towel/dirty socks dilemma. There’s always something he keeps leaving out that eventually makes you want to scream every time you see it. It’s like he’s doing it purposely to bother you. And there’s probably something you leave lying around (like long strands of hair) that drive him up the wall too. You’re both totally oblivious to how infuriating you are, until the blow out fight brings everything bubbling to the surface.
  6. Your differing views on doing the dishes. He likes to do them right away. You like to let them soak. The chances of you two being dish duty compatible are slim, and you’re guaranteed to engage in the occasional passive aggressive dirty dishes power struggle until you have to surrender because there are no more forks.
  7. Anything in-law related. His mom casually mentioned your newly painted bedroom is a “tacky” colour. And your mom is always running her finger along every surface to check for dust. Not only do you have to justify all your living arrangement choices to your own parents, but now you have to deal with his too.
  8. Your competing need for alone time. Getting the apartment to yourself for an evening is like some sort of elusive hypothetical dream floating just out of your reach. Why is he always here? You wonder. Well, because he lives there. Get used to it.
  9. Where have you been?! You used to be able to come and go as you please without letting someone know you’re going to be a little later than expected. That freedom is no more. If one of you isn’t home when you’re supposed to be, frantic texting and calling might occur, followed by cold, hard anger when you realize they just decided to stay for a couple more drinks past happy hour. And they didn’t even think to let you know.
  10. Sleeping incompatibilities. You’re a light sleeper, and he snores, and thrashers around like a fish out of water. Sure, you knew this before you moved in together, but now you’re forced to sleep next to him every single night and your sleep deprivation is going to catch up with you eventually.
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