I’m Totally Fine With Being Single… Until I Want A Guy For These Things

Independent women everywhere now know it is truly possible for them to do bad all by themselves. But then those instances come up when you kinda wish you did have a guy around. Anytime I’m faced with these 10 situations, I can’t help but wonder if being single isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

  1. Anything car-related A small case study was conducted by a team of qualified researchers on the treatment of females versus males when getting their vehicle serviced. OK, it was actually just me. Every time I took in the car my ex and I drove for an oil change, I was told a list of “necessary” maintenance that was due. But when my boyfriend went, they said the car was running great and never pressured him for the package add-ons. I think this is sufficient evidence to conclude that women generally face attempts to have a fast one pulled on them when it comes to the automobile industry. Who’s down for an all-female run maintenance shop called “Mechanchicks” that serves mimosas while you wait?
  2. Opening a glass jar Gone are the days of being able to run to Dad when the jar lid struggle resurfaces in life. Mine always said my previous effort had pretty much loosened it almost all the way and I should’ve kept on trying. Well, patience has never been my virtue and I seriously think he was just trying to protect my ego because even as an adult I find those pesky lids nearly impossible to budge. If it wasn’t for running hot water under the kitchen sink faucet, I’d have to give up on premade pasta sauce forever.
  3. Wedding invites The eternal struggle of needing a plus-one when you’re just…a one. I hate those moments when you have to decide between foregoing the entire event to save face or being an awkward solo attendee. I’ve seen guys write on their dating app profiles that they’re just looking for a wedding date, and I honestly don’t blame them for the attempt. What a time to really feel alone, when you’re watching two people in love seal the deal forever with an empty seat next to you.
  4. Family functions There’s an unspoken generation division when it comes to these types of gatherings. There are the children, who all run around and play together. Then there are the older relatives, who spread everyone’s business. And then there’s you. By yourself, you’re an open target for every question you don’t feel like answering that day, or like, ever. Being in a couple is one way to avoid uncomfortable interrogation unless you’re like me and tag along with a casual buddy only to get mistaken for his girlfriend. His family was so excited to see him with a woman they even asked me what I ate for breakfast that morning.
  5. Customer service complaints Have you ever seen the memes about the type of women who always ask to speak with someone’s manager? Guilty. I don’t know about you, but I just cannot handle my emotions when it comes to service. The customer is always right, right? Except why is it that when it comes from a man, it almost immediately gets handled without a need for a fuss?  Females always have the finger pointed at them for being ‘crazy’, but we only are that way because we have to be. What’s a girl gotta do to be heard?
  6. Vacations Girls trips just come few and far between once you’re past college spring break trips and single girls’ outings. Now that it seems the whole world is settling down, there you are. And, while almost nothing can ruin a vision of cocktails on the pearly white sands of the Aruba beach, it does seem a little less exciting when you’re planning it all alone.
  7. Moving Organizing and packing into boxes labeled by room and all are totally within the realm of possibility. But heavy lifting? Definitely not fun or a solo person’s job. Packing parties with the girls are great and all, but for me, the momentum ends when it’s time to get the truck and load that bad boy up. We’re not all lucky to have brothers at our disposal. Where’s the real muscle when you need it?
  8. Furniture assembly Maybe this is just me, but I do not like reading instruction manuals. For one, they really don’t seem to have a lot of instruction. It’s just one diagram then the next without it being spelled out exactly how to get from A to B. I feel like when it comes to working with your hands, guys just seem to know. Give them the proper tools and they are in the zone. I, on the other hand, tried to assemble a TV stand once and ended up with the finished side of the wood facing the floor. Epic fail.
  9. Fixing things Once again, manual labor. Just not my thing. I have all the tolerance in the world when it comes to trying out a new DIY nail design, scrapbooking, or getting my hair and makeup just right. But if my printer starts showing an error code, I’m ready to smash the whole thing. And don’t get me started on taking out the trash. I dated a guy once who had the persistence to take apart my entire cell phone and replace the screen himself using the tiniest screwdriver I had ever seen.  I was impressed.
  10. Lingerie shopping First of all, I probably wouldn’t even be buying lacy undergarments if I didn’t have a guy. Secondly, who am I gonna catwalk for to try to decide which one to choose? I’m all in for a private dressing room fashion show as a couple’s outing. On my own? I’m probably sleeping in an old t-shirt and calling it a day.


I’m Cara, not to be confused with Carrie, although you could say I’m a Millennial Bradshaw of sorts. Pop culture connoisseur. Lover of all things creative and passionate about health and personal well-being. Follow me on IG @cara_vale_writer