This Fireball Sangria Recipe Will Bring The Boozy Heat To Your Next Party

Sangria has always been one of my favorite summertime cocktails. There’s something about it that just feels sophisticated and classy, not to mention it’s super delicious. However, it’s not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea as it can seem a little boring or stuffy. That’s why this Fireball sangria recipe is so great — it’s bound to convert the haters.

  1. Fireball is basically the ultimate party drink. I remember one of the first parties I ever went to in high school being chock full of Fireball-sipping teens who thought they were super cool for downing the stuff. While it’s not necessarily the kind of booze I normally reach for these days, combining it with wine makes it more palatable to my somewhat more refined tastes these days.
  2. The recipe for Fireball Sangria only calls for six ingredients. A couple of them you probably already have in the house! To make a pitcher of your own, you’ll need an orange, a Granny Smith apple, a blood orange (though I would skip that if it’s too hard to find depending on where you are), a bottle of Fireball, a bottle of red wine, and some apple juice.
  3. You can make this stuff with very little effort. I love me a recipe with very few steps to follow, and that’s definitely the case with Fireball sangria. After soaking your chopped up apples and oranges in Fireball for at least 20 mins, you literally pour it all into a jug with the apple juice and wine and let it chill for about an hour or so. Voila!
  4. It’s perfect for a solo sip or for your next get-together. While it’ll likely be a long time before you can throw a big rager or even a decently-attended BBQ, the next time you can have a few friends over to hang out at a safe social distance in the back yard, why not make a pitcher of Fireball sangrias? Just make sure no one’s driving after having theirs!
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