Fish Shop Shut Down For Sticking Googly Eyes On Fish To Make Them Look Fresh

Eating rotten fish isn’t just gross, it can be incredibly dangerous and cause serious illness. However, that didn’t stop a Kuwaiti fish shop from sticking small plastic googly eyes on their fish to make them appear fresher than they actually were.

  1. Thankfully, they’ve been shut down. Officials from the country’s ministry of commerce have stepped in to close the fishmonger down after images and videos of the offending fish began circulating on WhatsApp and soon appeared on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. Once local newspaper Al Bayan caught on, it was all over for the business.
  2. It’s great for business rivals. Many of the fishmonger’s competitors immediately began advertising their own products as being “without cosmetics,” with some of the ads showing fish with colored contact lenses in their eyes. Hilarious!
  3. This isn’t the first shady thing that’s happened at Kuwaiti fish shops. As per the BBC, back in July 2018, another shop was shut down after it was discovered that they were using nails to increase the weight (and therefore the prices) of the fish they were selling.
  4. Admittedly, this is pretty funny. While it’s obviously terrible business practice and ethics to sell old fish and try to pass it off as new, this fish shop’s methods are so ridiculous that it’s hard to imagine that anyone fell for it and thought, “Oh yeah, that’s one fresh fish. Look at how white and, uh, googly its eyes are!” I mean, come on! They put plastic craft eyes on a real fish and thought people would believe it was real. Even actual live fish don’t have googly eyes!
  5. Let this be a lesson. If you’re buying a whole fish and the eyes are yellow, that means it’s more than two days off and even if it’s not completely rotten yet, it’s definitely not so fresh. Don’t buy it! Don’t even look at it – it might steal your soul.

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