If You’re Not Doing The Flamingo Pose, You’re Doing Instagram Wrong

Instagram is a fast-moving beast. Trends take over one day only to be replaced the next, and if you want to keep up, you need to be paying attention. Lately, it’s all about the flamingo pose—get ready to put a leg up and get posing!

  1. Animal poses are nothing new. You remember duck face, right? (Unfortunately, some people are still doing this.) Then there was the Bambi pose and the T.Rex selfie hand and now we’ve landed on flamingos. It might not make sense, but let’s go with it.
  2. It’s all about balance. I mean, you don’t exactly need to be a yoga expert to nail the flamingo pose, but you will need to work on your balance (and not looking like a total idiot). The pose is exactly what it sounds like: standing like a flamingo, i.e. putting one leg up and keeping one leg straight. This could be a pose you perform against a wall or even while sitting down.
  3. All the celebs are doing it. That’s right—Beyonce has done it. Kendall Jenner has done it. All the models, from Joan Smalls to Winnie Harlow and everyone in between has done it. Influencers (ugh, I hate that term) do it on the daily. Might as well get on board, right?
  4. Who even knows where this came from? To be honest, the flamingo pose has been around for probably decades, just without a name. The fact that it’s become a craze on Instagram, however, is a bit weird. Presumably, some influencer discovered that standing with one leg bent allows you to make your butt look bigger or your waist look slimmer and it picked up from there? That’s a guess, but it’s probably right.
  5. We’ll probably be on to the next thing soon enough. That means you’d better get your flamingo on ASAP before you miss the trend completely. By next week, it’ll probably be a whole new thing. You don’t want to miss out, right? (Confession: I’ll definitely be missing out.)

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