13 Signs Someone Is Actually Flirting With You And Not Just Being Friendly

Everyone feels amazing when they’re being flirted with, especially when the attention is coming from someone you have the hots for. But it’s not always easy to figure out if they’re into you or they’re just being nice. Whether you’re trying not to miss a connection or just to avoid misreading a situation, here are signs that someone is flirting with you bigtime.

  1. They act differently around you. Some people are blessed with the confidence to flirt openly and obviously while others just modify their behavior and hope the other person notices. Watch out for subtle changes in how they act around you. Do they laugh a little louder, lose their voice, crack a lot more jokes, or become extra talkative or a nervous wreck?
  2. They make and maintain eye contact. You can often tell whether a person is flirting with you by their eyes. Research has shown that gazing into someone’s eyes for prolonged periods usually leads to or indicates feelings of affection. If someone is intentionally making and sustaining eye contact with you, there’s a good chance they find you attractive.
  3. They keep glancing at you. Interestingly, it’s not only protracted eye contact that could mean someone is flirting with you. Some people just keep shooting brief glances your way and catching your eye frequently.
  4. There’s a special smile reserved for you. When someone is flirting with you, they look at you differently. There’s this soft, heartwarming glint in their eyes whenever smile at you. Even if they were already smiling before, it gets a lot brighter when they settle on your face. For me, I simply never stop smiling when I’m flirting with someone. It’s like my face is just permanently fixed that way, and it’s always the kind that uses up all my face muscles.
  5. They tease you. This may not be the most straightforward way to let someone know you’re interested in them, but it’s very common because it’s a great way to flirt without being too obvious. They might make gentle fun of you and offer indirect compliments. This should not be confused with bullying or insults. If you feel put down or uncomfortable with what’s being said, then that’s just toxic behavior and you shouldn’t fall for it.
  6. Look out for light touches. You know those accidental grazes, arm or feet brushes, and feather-light touches on the shoulder? They could mean someone is flirting with you and trying to show that attraction without coming on too strong.
  7. They fidget or play with their clothing. Non-verbal cues can also be a strong indicator of romantic interest. When someone is attracted to you, they tend to do things like fiddle with their hair, clothing, hands, or anything within reach. It usually means they’re nervous, so they subconsciously find something to do with their hands.
  8. They sneakily enquire about your relationship status. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: “Your boyfriend/girlfriend is real lucky”; “There’s no way someone as amazing as you is single”; “I hope no one is going to be mad if I buy you a drink.” They want to know if it’s safe to move to you, but they don’t want to be too upfront, so they lowkey try to figure out if you’re single.
  9. They do their best to make you laugh. Everyone is at their comedic best when they’re flirting with someone else. They want to make you be relaxed and comfortable around them, so they try out their most hilarious stories, jokes, clever retorts, and whatever else it takes to get laughter out of you.
  10. They laugh at all your jokes. A surefire way to tell if someone is flirting with you is how easily and frequently they laugh at your joke. Someone who likes you will want to show that they appreciate you even if it means throwing their head back in fits of laughter at that mildly funny joke you’ve told for God knows how many times.
  11. Open body language. It’s natural to want to be closer to the person you’re attracted to, and the body usually picks up on these hints and subconsciously displays them. Look at how relaxed they are in your presence. If they’re leaning in, facing you, pointing their knees and feet at you, then they’re probably trying to be flirty.
  12. They’re usually the first to react to your social media posts. That person who is constantly liking and commenting on your posts on social media is most likely trying to gain your attention, especially if they’re doing it to nearly everything you post.
  13. You catch them checking you out. You know as well as anyone that it’s possible to check someone out lowkey. So the fact that you keep catching them checking you out is huge sign that they’re trying to pass across a message, which is that they’re attracted to you. Feel free to flirt back and see what happens.
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