Flirty Conversation Starters To Try With Your Crush

When you’re chatting to your crush and freaking out about how much you like them, it’s natural to be nervous. You want to show your interest without being cringey or obvious, but how? Here are some lighthearted, flirty conversation starters to try with that guy or girl you like. You never know what these one-liners might spark!

Conversation starters to get your crush’s attention

  1. “You look really good today.” Complimenting their appearance is the perfect ice breaker. It will earn you a smile and a possible response. Try to be honest and original with your compliment. If they have amazing blue eyes, you can tell them how much it compliments the blue sky. Whatever you do, don’t exaggerate; it will look fake and more like desperation.
  2. “Your girlfriend/boyfriend is lucky to have you.” This is a great way to know if they’re attached and a nice way to avoid embarrassing yourself with your feelings. This opening will make it easy for them to indicate their level of interest in you. If they’re single, they’re sure to answer back in a witty manner that gets the conversation flowing. If they aren’t, keep your head up and move.
  3. “You look like [insert the name of your favorite celebrity].” Letting your crush know they look like your favorite celebrities is a good way to get them to smile and be confident. This could also lead to a conversation centered around movies and provide the perfect excuse to ask them out to a movie date night. Always sprinkle a little humor in your lines to get the awkwardness out of the way. If you don’t know your crush very well, maybe just name a really big, popular celebrity that he’s bound to know is seen as attractive, such as Channing Tatum or something.
  4. “Do you have a plus-one?” This is a classic take on the “come here oftebn?” line that would just seem way too weird if you asked it seriously. In terms of conversation starters, this is an intriguing question that gets them intrigued and also a great way to figure out if they’re are single. They might just be lonely and shy and you both might hit it off right away.
  5. “It’s a hot day, isn’t it?” Talking about the weather is one of the most classic conversation starters and can work magic with your crush. This opening will allow you to gauge their willingness to engage in small-talk and can lead to other interesting topics. You can also get things hot by throwing in a little wild suggestion. You can say, “It’s such a hot day, I would love to go skinny dipping or something…” It’s pretty easy… if you have the nerve!
  6. “Can I give you a lift?” Offering to give your crush a ride home is a bold step and an awesome way to get the ball rolling. Driving them somewhere will provide an opportunity to ask more questions and show them you’re a caring, kind person. Take this a notch higher and ask for their phone number before you get to their destination. Obviously, this doesn’t work if you’re somewhere you’ve both driven, but if you know they took public transportation, go for it.
  7. “Do you have a pen?” You probably don’t even need a pen, but it’d be great if you did. This is one of the most natural conversation starters because it’s pretty low-key and could open the door to something bigger. You can also get a little mischievous and return their pen with your number stuck into it. It will also provide an opportunity to know how kind and thoughtful your crush really is.
  8. “What are you reading?” If your crush is an avid reader and always moves around with a book, asking what they’re reading a great step in the right direction. This is especially true if you’re a big reader too, because this opening might initiate a conversation that might ultimately lead to a date. It’s also a great tip to have some book reviews shelved in your mind, just in case they start a conversation centered on books.
  9. “Are you [insert random name here]?” Asking your crush if they’re someone else is one of the most classic conversation starters (even if it is a little corny/old fashioned) and provides a good “in” to getting to know them better. Of course, this one is a gamble because it could also just fizzle out when they respond that no, they’re not the person you thought they were. Yikes.
  10. “Can you help me with something?” This is one of those conversation starters that requires a little groundwork since you’ll actually need their help with something to make it work. Whether it’s grabbing an item off a high shelf or helping you figure out where a certain street is in town, this is a nice way to start talking to them. You can ask for their name and maybe their phone number, claiming you want to say a better thank you later.
  11. “You look like you spend a lot of time in the gym.” If your crush has washboard abs, suggesting that they must be a gym rat is a great compliment. They will be pleased to know you checked their hot body out and found them attractive. Even if they’re not really interested in you romantically, your sincere compliment will get them smiling and open them up to furthering the conversation with you.
  12. “Can I have your number, please?” Of all the conversation starters on this list, this is perhaps the most direct and may give you the greatest likelihood of success. If you’re not scared of being forward, this is the most straightforward line you can use. Asking for their number provides an opportunity for you to ascertain if they’re interested in you and there is something very about a confident person. So, straighten your shoulders, fix your best smile, and sk for their phone number. You have nothing to lose, if they don’t like you, you will probably find someone hotter.

Life is too short for what-ifs. If you want to catch your crush’s eye, you might need a little push in that direction. Choose your favorite conversation starters, and go for it.