Flirty Things To Say To A Guy That Will Get His Attention

Communication is key, right? It can be hard catching a guy’s attention or letting him know you’re into him. You want to let him know he’s made an impression and you want to interact with him without being too bold. Here are some flirty things to say to a guy that will win him over in no time.

  1. “Hey Sexy!” It’s often women who receive complimentary messages from men, but they like a little ego boost, too. Messaging him something like “Hey Sexy!” is a simple way to get his attention and let him know you’re interested without going overboard. Hopefully, he’ll reply with an equally flirty response.
  2. “You looked so good in…” Complete the sentence by telling him what you liked about his look the last time you saw him, whether it was his shirt or shoes. This is an easy way to pay a direct compliment that’ll let him know he’s caught your attention. Fingers crossed he responds by saying he couldn’t keep his eyes off of you, too.
  3. “I’m still smiling from when I last saw you.”  Love Panky recommends hitting up your love interest with a message that makes it clear how much you liked hanging out. Whether it was a date or a group hang, it’s important to let him know your focus was on him. This will let him know you’re interested and give him the chance to respond with something equally flirty.
  4. “I had a dream about you.” If you really want a guy to know he’s on your mind, then tell him you think about him when your eyes are closed. This is a great message to send to elicit a response – he’ll be naturally curious as to what you dream about. Just be sure you know what to say when he asks what the dream was about!
  5. “You, me, cocktails?” Rendezvous Magazine recommends this flirty three-word message if you want to ask a guy out. You can replace cocktails with any sort of food or activity you think he’d be interested in. The point is to make it clear to him that you want to hang out one-on-one so you can see where things will go.
  6. “I had a bad day. Want to cheer me up?” This is another easy thing to say if you want to hang out with your love interest. Plus, it opens the door for more of a conversation. He’ll likely respond by asking what happened. Don’t be too negative, but also don’t be afraid to be open with him. Expressing vulnerability will show you feel comfortable with him. The next thing he says will hopefully be an invitation to go and do something.

More flirty things to say to a guy

  1. “Flirting with you is my favorite thing.” Sometimes it’s hard to know if someone is just being flirty or friendly, so if you want to be direct with him, say this. He’ll know for sure that you’re interested in him romantically, and it’ll give him an opportunity to respond with an equally flirty comment. Plus, he’ll be encouraged to keep up the dialogue since he’ll know how much you’re enjoying your conversation.
  2. “What are you wearing?” This is a classic line that guys say to girls when they want to spice up a conversation, so don’t be afraid to hit him up with it. Add a few flirty emojis or a “lol” at the end of the question to keep things light-hearted. It may not immediately lead to sexting, but hopefully, this comment opens a flirty dialogue between you two.
  3. “I’m at [insert restaurant]. Want something?” Acts of service can go a long way. So, next time you’re at a yummy fast-food place, offer to pick him up something. This is a great excuse to see him in person and show that he’s on your mind. Even if he declines or can’t meet up at the moment, it’s the thought that counts. Who knows, he may be asking if he can pick you up a sweet treat next time.
  4. “My cheeks hurt from smiling. I blame you.” Romantic Life recommends using this message when you want him to know just how much you like him. This will reassure him that your conversations are meaningful, and you like where things are headed. It’s a flirty message without being too forward.
  5. “I just got out of the shower.” If you really want to be direct, send him a message he won’t be able to get out of his mind. Telling him something sexy like you just got out of the shower or aren’t wearing anything lets him know you want him to picture you that way. It’s a great way to initiate a hook-up and a steamy conversation.
  6. “Add me to your to-do list.” Another way to let him know you want him is to send this sassy message. It’s a simple way to let him know where you want things to go without being too direct. It’s also an easy way to determine what page he’s on – if he says something agreeable, then he’s into you that way, too. But if he brushes it off or has an awkward reply, then the feelings may not be mutual.
  7. “I’m thinking about you!” Finally, for something flirty that’s not too bold, try this line. It’s a simple way to let him know that he’s on your mind and you want to talk to him. But it also avoids making the conversation explicitly sexual, which can be too bold for some people. Fingers crossed he responds by letting you know he can’t stop thinking about you, too.
Alexandra is a freelance writer in Montreal, Quebec. She enjoys shopping as a sport, Buffy the Vampire Slayer re-runs, and being a plant mom.