This Floating Beer Pong Table Is The Summer Pool Party Accessory You Need

Summer is here, it’s hot as hell, and there’s nothing any of us want to do more than hang out poolside all day, sunbathing and jumping into the ice cold water to cool down every once in a while. Oh, and drinking—getting a nice buzz on those lazy summer afternoons and evenings is always a good feeling too. Want to combine all of the above? You need this floating beer pong table ASAP.

  1. This takes beer pong to the next level. This isn’t just some novelty item—GoPong’s floating beer pong table is six feet long, has loads of sideline cup holders, and comes with six pong balls and some tethering grommets to keep the whole thing in place. Good to see a company take the sport of beer pong as serious as it should be taken.
  2. It doubles as a plain floating raft too. If you’re done playing beer pong and simply want to lounge around on the pool, you can do that too. You can also just fill ‘er up with cups of drinks and send it floating around the pool for you and your friends to grab drinks from at will.
  3. It’s ready to go within minutes. You can either use a pump or blow it up with your very own lungs, but once you’re done, just toss it in the pool and you’re ready to go. You’ll want to be careful that it doesn’t spring a leak, but that’s the same with all pool floats, so nothing new there.
  4. The reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Of the 248 Amazon reviews, most of them are extremely positive. The general consensus is that the floating beer pong table is a lot of fun and solves that ever-important dilemma of whether to go swimming or play beer pong—now you can do both at once, ha! Frankly, for less than $30, I can’t think of a better summer pool party purchase.

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