You Can Rent A Floating Party Pod For The Ultimate Summer Fun

You Can Rent A Floating Party Pod For The Ultimate Summer Fun ©ANTHENEA

While traveling to far-off locations may seem like a lifetime away given the gigantic disaster 2020 has turned out to be, the truth is that there will come a point in time when it’s safe to get out there in the world again, and when you do, you’ll most definitely want to go stay on this floating party pod that has everything you need for a beautiful vacation.

  1. It’s called Anthénea and it’s in Brittany, France. The floating combo hotel suite and water-based mobile home isn’t just in incredible surroundings but it’s also an incredibly unique abode in which to stay. It was designed by architect Jean-Michel Ducancelle, who was apparently inspired by James Bond’s floating pod in The Spy Who Loved Me.
  2. It runs entirely off solar energy. That’s right, no electricity needed! Plus, using gray and black water stations, it pumps clean water back into the ocean, which is pretty cool. I’m all about an eco-friendly vacation! Finally, it uses a sand screw so that it doesn’t damage the ecosystem.
  3. The inside looks amazing! Not only does the floating party pod offer a 360 degree view of the water around it, but it also contains a massive round bed and an equally large bath that you can fill with fresh or seawater! The living area has a few kitchen items and the fiberglass windows let you see what’s going on in the water beneath you. Finally, the top of the pod has a gorgeous outdoor seating area that up to 12 people can enjoy. Frankly, I’d want it all to myself.
  4. You can rent or buy one depending on your preference. The ones for rent are available at the Côte de Granit Rose in Brittany, but if you’re thinking this is something you’d like to own yourself so you can take it wherever you want it, that’s possible too. Check out the company’s website for full info!

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