Florida Burger King Employee Shoots Customer Who Threw Mayo At Her

Florida Burger King Employee Shoots Customer Who Threw Mayo At Her Miami-Dade County Corrections

A Florida Burger King employee reportedly shot a male customer who threw mayo in her face, according to local reports. Shateasha Hicks, 30, was taken into custody on Thursday and charged for allegedly discharging a firearm in public over the incident at the Miami Gardens franchise location.

  1. The argument between Hicks and the customer took place at the drive-thru. According to a relative of Hicks who talked to NBC 6, the customer reportedly squirted or threw mayo in the employee’s face before driving off and parking in the Burger King parking lot. That’s when things took an ugly term.
  2. Hicks decided to take things further. After the mayo was thrown, Hicks is said to have gone to grab a gun and unloaded five shots at the customer’s car as he drove away, according to Miami-Dade police. Hicks then got into her own car and drove away herself, but police caught up with her about a mile away from her home and took her into custody. She posted $1,000 bond later that night and was released.
  3. She was caught red-handed with the evidence. When police searched Hicks’ car, they found a gun on the floorboard as well as five bullet casings in the Burger King parking lot. A witness reported that the victim was “making faces” at Hicks through the car window before pulling into the parking lot, which seemed to set Hicks off.
  4. Hicks’ aunt insists her niece was defending herself, but from what? As the aunt told Local10: “She was protecting herself. I don’t blame her. Everybody else might, but I don’t.” Given that the man wasn’t harming her safety or threatening her, it seems unlikely that any “protection” was needed.
  5. Burger King has released a statement in the aftermath of the incident. “We are horrified to learn of the events that unfolded at this location. This unacceptable behavior does not align with our brand values of safety and security. Our franchisee is cooperating with local authorities. As this remains an ongoing investigation, we aren’t able to share additional details at this time,” the company says.
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