Florida Groom Spends His Wedding Night In Jail Instead Of With His Bride

Florida Groom Spends His Wedding Night In Jail Instead Of With His Bride Lee County Sheriff's Office

A Florida man spent his wedding night behind bars instead of with his bride after he got way too drunk at his own reception. Jeffrey Johnson, 22 and from Lehigh Acres, went a bit too hard with the celebratory drinks, leading wedding guests to restrain him and call police out to the address on Trinity Street East. It wasn’t long before he was being arrested, CBS 12 reports.

Lee County Sheriff's Office

  1. It was supposed to be a fun night. After saying “I do,” Johnson should have been enjoying his night with friends and family. Instead, he “became aggressive” with other guests after he got a little too wasted.
  2. He wasn’t too kind to police officers either. Johnson is said to have “kicked, battered, and spat on deputies” then they arrived on the scene and tried to get him under control. Thankfully, none of the officers were injured.
  3. Johnson spent the night in jail. After officers managed to subdue Johnson, they cuffed him and hauled him off to jail where they charged him with one count of battery and two counts of battery on law enforcement officers.
  4. Something tells me his bride won’t have been too happy. What a way to get your marriage started, right? Seems like Johnson needs to learn how to handle his drink – or better yet, avoid it altogether.
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