Florida Man Jumps Into Water To Rescue Dog After It’s Grabbed By Alligator

Florida Man Jumps Into Water To Rescue Dog After It’s Grabbed By Alligator TikTok/Melissa Chipps

A Florida man jumped into a pond in order to save his pet dog, which had been grabbed by an alligator. The video of the unnamed man, which was shared by TikTok @MelissaChipps, shows him wading in and wrestling with the gator to prise open its jaws and set the dog free. Thankfully, he manages it and the dog runs to safety.

  1. You have to be pretty brave to do this. I’d do anything for my dog, but trying to imagine jumping in to wrestle with an alligator that could kill me is pretty terrifying. “Would you? Walking the dog in Florida around any body of water this is a risk we take. Florida wildlife be savages sometimes,” the video was captioned.
  2. It’s unclear where this was filmed. While we know that alligators are rampant in parts of Florida, you still don’t expect them to just be hanging out and grab your dog. (Well, maybe you do – I wouldn’t know because I don’t live in Florida!) Either way, I’d be terrified to let my dog run loose in that area ever again!
  3. Thank goodness this was a small alligator! To be fair, this one does look smaller than a lot of the monster gators you see out there, so thankfully he was able to rescue the dog! Be safe out there!
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