Florida Man Pulls Gun On Starbucks Worker Because His Bagel Had No Cream Cheese On It

Florida Man Pulls Gun On Starbucks Worker Because His Bagel Had No Cream Cheese On It Miami-Dade Department of Corrections

A Florida man allegedly pulled a gun on a terrified Starbucks employee because the bagel he ordered didn’t come with cream cheese on it. Omar Wright, 38, was arrested by Miami Gardens police for allegedly threatening and berating a 23-year-old female barista who just so happened to be the daughter of local police chief Delma Noel-Pratt. He was arrested in connection with the incident soon after.

  1. Noel-Pratt says her daughter thought she might die. “She felt in fear of her life,” the chief said, as per Fox News. “It was upsetting to me to know that someone would go to that extreme not having cream cheese on his bagel.” Thankfully, Wright drove off and no one was harmed, but the fact that he threatened and berated the employee as well as pulling the gun must have been terrifying.
  2. The chief admitted she was terrified on her daughter’s behalf. “Forget about the badge, forget about the title, that’s my child,” she told Local 10 News. “And I thought about, am I going to see her again? Is she OK? Of course, she was upset, she was crying, and so I had to go into mom mode.”
  3. Is cream cheese really that serious? According to reports, Wright had bought the bagel and left the premises, only to return to the drive-thru irate that he hadn’t received cream cheese. When the employee asked whether he’d paid for it, that’s when he lost his cool and pulled out the gun. Wright later claimed that he only grabbed the gun because it had fallen out of his pocket, not because he intended to shoot anyone. Noel-Pratt’s daughter did confirm that the gun wasn’t pointed at her but that she still felt afraid.
  4. Wright was arrested and taken into custody. He was charged with aggravated assault and armed robbery and his bond was set at $10,000. Given that he threatened a police chief’s daughter, something tells me he won’t be getting off lightly with this one.
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