Florida Man Tries Robbing Waffle House With Finger Guns

Florida Man Tries Robbing Waffle House With Finger Guns Madison County Sheriff’s Office

A Florida man was arrested after he attempted to rob a Madison Waffle House using “finger guns,” deputies say. Edward William Rodriguez, 28, was caught red-handed after A Waffle House employee called the Madison County Sheriff’s Office out to the restaurant on reports of a robbery. Thankfully (and perhaps obviously), no one was hurt and nothing was taken, WFLA reports.

  1. This was clearly an improvised crime. Rodriguez’s feeble attempt to rob the establishment wasn’t very well planned out, it seems. Sheriff David Harper said Rodriguez entered the restaurant with a small dog, pointed his hands into finger guns, and told workers, “get on the ground, y’all are getting robbed.” Not so much, I suppose.
  2. He left the store with nothing of note. While it’s unclear how the situation was resolved, Rodriguez did tell employees that he was high and drunk before he grabbed some napkins and left the Waffle House, getting into a car and driving away. “The suspect did not appear to have a weapon, but did raise his hands with his fingers in the shape of a gun,” the MCSO said in a statement.
  3. Rodriguez was found at home. Deputies went to Rodriguez’s house, where he admitted robbing the Waffle House of its napkins. He was arrested and taken into custody over the offense.
  4. He’s now facing serious charges. Rodriguez was charged with unarmed robbery and assault and booked into Madison County Jail.
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