Florida Man Sprays Woman With Roach Spray And Whips Out Nunchucks Over Loud Music

Florida Man Sprays Woman With Roach Spray And Whips Out Nunchucks Over Loud Music Daytona Beach Police Department

A Florida man was arrested and charged after he allegedly sprayed his female neighbors with roach spray and tried to use nunchucks on them because he was angry that they were playing loud music, according to Volusia County court records. Larry Darnell Adams, 61 and from Daytona Beach, is facing aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon charges over the incident.

Daytona Beach Police Department

  1. The disturbance happened around 1:15 in the morning. Daytona Beach police officers responded to a call about the disturbance at Adams’ apartment building. All five victims were women who claimed that two of them were sitting in a car listening to music to celebrate one of the women’s 18th birthday. That’s when things kicked off.
  2. Two other women stepped out and asked the women in the car to turn the music down. Given the late hour, the request to keep the music at a reasonable volume seems understandable. However, an argument erupted, at which point Adams came out of his apartment and joined in. “The victims stood their ground as the defendant cursed and made various threats, one time threatening to ‘air it out,'” police documents showed.
  3. The women believed Adams was going to shoot them. Because of the slang he used, the women thought Adams was threatening them. And while he didn’t shoot them with a gun, he did pull out a can of roach spray to spray them in their faces and on their bodies and then broke out a set of nunchucks. However, he ended up hitting himself in the face instead.
  4. The nunchucks hit the women’s car with the nunchucks. He hit the car with the weapon where the women were sitting listening to music before injuring himself. “When the nunchucks inadvertently struck the defendant in the forehead, the defendant then threw the nunchucks at (the car),” the arresting officer wrote.
  5. This isn’t the first time Adams has been arrested. He was booked on similar charges to these – down to using nunchucks! – in both August and December 2015. Those charges were eventually dropped in October 2016.
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