Florida Prisoner Assaults Cellmate For ‘Stinking Up The Cell By Farting Too Much’ And Not Flushing After Using The Toilet

Florida Prisoner Assaults Cellmate For ‘Stinking Up The Cell By Farting Too Much’ And Not Flushing After Using The Toilet Monroe County Detention Center

A Florida inmate has been charged with assaulting his cellmate over some allegedly foul odors. Christopher Callen, 33, claimed that the victim, Amado Dominguez-Quevedo, 57, “farts too much stinking up the cell” and fails to “give a courtesy flush” after using the shared toilet, an arrest report states. Sounds like a pretty stinky situation!

Monroe County Detention Center

  1. Callen has been in prison since September. He was put behind bars for failing to register as a sex offender in Florida stemming from a conviction in Colorado in 2012. Meanwhile, Dominguez-Quevedo has been behind bars on $40,000 bond since February when he was arrested for aggravated battery and indecent exposure.
  2. The attack was seemingly unprovoked. At least from Dominguez-Quevedo’s perspective. He told authorities while receiving treatment in a local hospital’s emergency room that he was cleaning the toilet out when Callen grabbed him by the shirt and started to punch him in the face and ribs. He “stated that he had no idea why being attacked out of the blue and that it seemed random.”
  3. Dominguez-Quevedo suffered some serious injuries. He ended up with two missing teeth, “spollen and bruised lips and left orbital socket,” and a broken rib.
  4. Callen was pretty open about why he lost his cool. When speaking to police, Callen displayed red knuckles and said that he was sick of his cellmate’s farting and toilet habits. Mainly, he doesn’t perform a “courtesy flush” after he does a number two and he has so much flatulence that it stinks the cell up. Not only taht, but Callen claimed that his cellmate “speaks weird languages,” whatever that means.
  5. Callen was charged with aggravated battery by an inmate. That’s a felony, which mean he’ll likely get some extra time added to his sentence. A judge has ordered him to have no contact with Dominguez-Quevedo. Callen will be arraigned on November 19.


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