Florida Woman Arrested For Hitting Boyfriend With A Paper Plate Full Of Chicken

Florida Woman Arrested For Hitting Boyfriend With A Paper Plate Full Of Chicken Manatee County Jail

A Florida woman was arrested for assault after she allegedly hit her boyfriend with a paper plate full of chicken. Jennifer Booth, 43, is said to have gotten in an argument with her 59-year-old boyfriend, William Booth, over a membership to a local LA Fitness gym branch. During the disagreement, Jennifer is said to have become enraged, picking up the plate of chicken and throwing it at William, hitting him in the chest and face.

  1. The argument was all about jealousy. According to a statement William Booth gave Manatee County police, Jennifer was less than pleased at the idea of William being around other women at the gym. “After working on the property all day, I took a break to cook dinner and have a meal after a long day in the sun,” William said in an affidavit. “I confronted Jen about getting a membership at membership at LA Fitness and she became violent. Words were exchanged about her being jealous of girls at Lowes and it’s ok to go meet with a personal trainer at the gym.”
  2. William was fed up of Jennifer’s jealousy. He told her he was done with the drama and picked up the phone to call Jennifer’s daughter in Arizona for some reason. That’s when Jennifer lashed out. “I told her that was it, I can’t take it anymore, I called her daughter in Arizona and she became violent and that’s when I called the Sheriff’s Office,” William continued in his statement.
  3. Thankfully, William was uninjured. Even though he had a plate full of chicken thrown at him, William escaped from the ordeal unscathed and suffered no injuries, not even any burns from the food, which is a good thing.
  4. Jennifer was arrested and booked into Manatee County Jail. While she still faces charges for domestic battery, she was later released on $500 bail pending a future court appearance.
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