Florida Woman Arrested For Assaulting Husband With Plate Of Spaghetti

Florida Woman Arrested For Assaulting Husband With Plate Of Spaghetti Pinellas County Sheriff's Office

A Florida woman was arrested after she allegedly attacked her husband with a plate of spaghetti during an argument. Melissa Daigle, 44, was said to have been drunk when she got into a disagreement with the victim which soon turned violent, a police affidavit revealed. She’s now facing domestic battery charges over the incident.

Pinellas County Sheriff's Office

  1. Thankfully, the victim wasn’t injured. When Daigle threw the spaghetti at her husband’s face, it hit him in the torso and landed in his lap. The officer noted in his report that “the victim was not injured, just covered in meat sauce.”
  2. Daigle has been banned from having contact with her husband. After she was booked into the county jail, Daigle, from Largo, appeared in front of a judge the next morning and was barred from having any contact with her husband. She’s also being forced to wear an alcohol-monitoring bracelet.
  3. Daigle and her husband have been married for 20 years. The altercation, which happened on September 1, happened in front of their adult children, according to reports.
  4. This isn’t the first time Daigle has been arrested for spousal abuse. In May, she was taken into custody for spitting on her husband and hitting him with car keys. However, she was ultimately released without charge when prosecutors dropped the case.
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