Florida Woman ‘Assumed Husband’s Identity After Murdering Him To Convince Family He Was Still Alive’

Florida Woman ‘Assumed Husband’s Identity After Murdering Him To Convince Family He Was Still Alive’ Lake County Sheriff's Office

A Florida woman who assumed her husband’s identity five years ago has been charged with his murder after his remains were found buried in the yard of their Lake County property. Laurie Leigh Shaver, 37, was arrested last month for the death of her late husband Michael Shaver, a Disney monorail conductor who disappeared without a trace in 2015, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

  1. Michael’s friends are the ones who alerted police. Back in February 2018, several friends of Michael’s told authorities that they were worried as they hadn’t heard from him in more than two years. The fact that Laurie got away with murder for three years was largely down to a huge deception she was pulling…
  2. Laurie was pretending to be Michael online and via text. She not only appeared on social media as her husband but sent text messages to his family member and friends to make it out as if he’d left of his own volition and was totally fine.
  3. When deputies visited the property, they realized something was very wrong. There was no sign of Michael at all and oddly, Laurie wouldn’t let police use cadaver dogs at the property. Thankfully, they managed to get hold of an arrest warrant a few weeks later and returned to find Michael’s remains under a fire pit in the yard.
  4. Laurie allegedly admitted Michael was dead a while back. According to investigators, she once told a boyfriend that “It’s not that [Michael’s] missing, he’s no longer walking the Earth” and revealed that there was a dead body buried on the property.
  5. She’s now behind bars. She’s being held on charges of second-degree homicide and accessory after the fact to homicide at Lake County Jail.
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