Florida Woman Beat Up Girlfriend For Talking About Her Ex In Her Sleep

Florida Woman Beat Up Girlfriend For Talking About Her Ex In Her Sleep Pinellas County Police

A 21-year-old Florida woman was arrested after she physically beat her girlfriend for allegedly talking about an ex in her sleep. According to a Pinellas County arrest report obtained by The Smoking Gun, Alexis Talley was asleep with the 23-year-old victim at her home in the Tampa Bay area when Talley woke her up and “told her she was talking in her sleep about an ex.” From there, a verbal altercation quickly turned into a physical fight, leading to Talley’s arrest.

  1. Talley got physical with her girlfriend very quickly. After they began sparring verbally, Talley then “began to punch [the victim] in the face,” the arrest report reveals. Police who responded to a neighbor’s call about the altercation did report “visible swelling to the right side of her face consistent with [the victim’s] statement.”
  2. Talley claimed she never laid a hand on the victim. She told authorities that she did indeed get in a fight with her girlfriend over the sleep talking but insisted that she didn’t hit her and that the fight between them “was only verbal and not physical.” When police asked Talley to explain the victim’s injuries, she claimed that they were from “a previous disorder and not from tonight.”
  3. Talley was arrested and taken into custody. She was charged with domestic battery and booked into the county jail, though she was later released on $2500 bond and was ordered by a judge to have no contact with the victim.
  4. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this isn’t Talley’s first offense. She has previously been arrested for battery that resulted in a no contest plea. Not only that, but she’s also facing an enhanced felony charge for allegedly punching her girlfriend and has previously been convicted of marijuana possession, disorderly conduct, and DUI. Here’s hoping her girlfriend is able to get away from her so that she no longer has to be subject to this kind of abuse.
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