Florida Woman Who Instructed Son To Kick Boy In The Balls Arrested For Joining In The Fight

Florida Woman Who Instructed Son To Kick Boy In The Balls Arrested For Joining In The Fight Volusia County Corrections

A Florida mom has been arrested after not only encouraging her son to fight a male classmate but joining in on the altercation herself. Jamie Rose Gensler, 35, is said to have instructed her son to hit his rival in the “balls and gut” during the May 7 altercation before she pushed the victim to the ground herself and slapped him when he tried to get up, according to ClickOrlando.

  1. Gensler is the one who reportedly instigated the fight. She encouraged her son to attack the victim, who lives in the same neighborhood but does not attend the same school. The victim was said to be walking toward Benha Avenue in Orange City when Gensler began shouting at him for apparently pushing over a basketball hoop the night before. At that point, she called her son out of the house to fight the victim and he complied, smacking the victim while Gensler egged him on.
  2. It’s unclear why Gensler felt the need to join in. After the two youngsters had been fighting for a while, Gensler herself joined in, punching the victim in the head and slapping him when he tried to get up from the ground. The victim was left with an abrasion on his forehead, just above his right eye.
  3. The whole thing was caught on video. Deputies said that neighbors had recorded video of the fight on their cell phones which proved that Gensler instigated the fight and inflicted the abuse on the child. When authorities pulled her in for questioning, she had bruising on the knuckles of her left hand. However, she claimed that the victim and his friends had been trying to convince her son to fight all day and that her son eventually relented.
  4. Gensler now faces some serious charges. She faces charges of child abuse and contributing to the deliquency of a minor. Volusia County deputies arrested her just before 11 p.m. on Friday, May 7.
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