Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl BBQs At Homeless Shelter For 24 Hours

Dave Grohl is pretty universally known to be an awesome guy, but he proved it yet again this week by helping to feed hundreds of people experiencing homelessness people in California with some awesome BBQ. The Foo Fighter frontman showed up at Hope The Mission in LA on Wednesday night with a huge meat smoker and other necessities and got cooking for those in need right away, per TMZ.

Grohl is said to have started cooking at around midnight, taking 14 hours to cook pork butt, brisket, ribs, coleslaw, cabbage, and beans. He then waited another two hours for the meat to rest before serving it up.

Dave Grohl is the BBQ king

“So, without telling anyone, Dave Grohl brought his giant smoker and cooked/fed barbecue and sides for 500 folks at Hope Mission in L.A. during the storms. Paid for it all. Worked 16 hours. So, when the aliens get here and ask ‘who’s in charge?’, I think we take them to Dave Grohl,” writer Liz Allman Seccuro tweeted. Her message garnered considerable attention, for obvious reasons.

Dave Grohl didn’t just show up to feed the homeless for the photo opp, either. Photos show he worked hands-on the entire time. He took charge in the kitchen and even caught some shut-eye in the parking lot while some of the meat was cooking. TMZ reports that he covered all the expenses himself, which is pretty cool.

It’s believed that Grohl’s efforts helped to feed more than 450 people who needed a good meal. While serving up, he had a smile on his face as he chatted with other staffers as well as guests that live in the organization’s shelter. Oh, and the staffers got to enjoy some of Dave Grohl’s BBQ, too. If we needed more evidence that he’s a really great guy who’s always keen to help people, this is a good one.

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