Former Starbucks Barista Says You Should Always Order A Venti Iced Drink — Here’s Why

Whenever I hit up Starbucks (which my bank account will tell you is way too often, nearly every day in fact), you don’t really have to convince me to order the largest size possible. I even go for a Trenta when it’s available! While I do this because I love iced coffee and live for it year ’round, even in winter, there’s also a really good reason to size up to Venti if you usually order smaller drinks, according to a former Starbucks barista.

  1. Simply put, it’s more caffeine. While you would assume that as you go up in size from Tall to Grande to Venti, you would get more shots of espresso in each. That’s not actually the case! As the former Starbucks employee revealed to Business Insider, both Tall and Grande size espresso-based drinks have two shots, not two and three as you’d probably imagine. Things only get good when you go up to Venti, which automatically has three shots.
  2. This only applies to iced coffee. What’s weird is that hot espresso-based drinks don’t follow the same rules. Even if you get a Venti hot latte, you’ll still only get two shots of espresso, which is about 150 mg of caffeine. What the heck? Thankfully, making it iced ensures you get the three shots, and isn’t more caffeine better for everyone? (Well, maybe not everyone, but definitely for me.)
  3. If you really don’t want a Venti drink, there is a way around it. I can’t imagine not wanting as much coffee as possible, but if you really do prefer a smaller beverage size but want a bigger caffeine kick, it’s possible. “A Venti iced drink [which is 24 ounces] gets three shots,” the former barista revealed. “So next time, if you’re most concerned about a necessary java buzz, either order your Venti iced or ask for an extra shot.” Is it weird that I order an extra shot in my Venti iced latte? Oh well!

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