Four Loko’s New Spiked Seltzer Will Make You Feel Like A Buzzed College Kid Again

When it comes to alcohol, hard seltzer was all the rage in 2019. Because of this, the fact that Four Loko decided to hop on board and release their own spiked seltzer. They first teased the beverage back in August 2019, but now the product is out on shelves and from the sounds of things, it’s pretty intense (and not necessarily in a good way).

They contain 12% ABV. That’s not a huge amount of alcohol and you’d probably have to drink a couple to get truly drunk depending on how well you hold your liquor, which is way more than you can normally expect from a hard seltzer, which is about 4% to 6%. Four Loko originally claimed their spiked seltzer would contain 14% ABV but that changed not long after and 12% is the magic number.

It stays pretty true to the Four Loko brand. I’m in my mid-30s now, but I definitely remember downing more than a few of these in my college days. Seeing Four Loko’s spiked seltzer cans just brought those memories surging back, since they look pretty much exactly like regular Four Loko cans with the silvery label.

It’s extremely sugary. If you’re a fan of saccharine sweet drinks, then you’ll love Four Loko spiked seltzer. There’s nothing subtle about the sugar in this can, and according to a Delish editor who went in with high hopes, the sugar in this stuff tastes incredibly artificial and overly cloying. That means even those who do enjoy drinks like White Claw might struggle to down this stuff (and end up with diabetes in the process).

You can really taste the alcohol. The same Delish editor, Kristin Salaky, also said that while the seltzer was supposed to taste like Black Cherry, the syrupy sugar was so strong alongside the overpowering taste of alcohol that what flavor the drink was didn’t come through at all. In fact, after a few sips, she was so overwhelmed that she wasn’t sure how anyone could drink a whole can.

If you’re a Four Loko fan, this stuff will be for you. All of that being said, there is certainly a market for Four Loko spiked seltzer and if you love the brand’s other offerings, chances are you’ll love this stuff. For those of us whose tastebuds have evolved slightly since our college days, however, we may want to try something else.

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