Franzia’s New Line Of Merch Includes A Wine-Dispensing Backpack

Franzia’s New Line Of Merch Includes A Wine-Dispensing Backpack Franzia

One of the most annoying things about wine is that it’s kinda hard to take it with you. Say you’re out for a picnic or even going on a long walk but think you might like to pour yourself a glass or two at some point. Short of lugging the clinking bottles along with you, you’re kinda out of options. Well, you were. Franzia’s new line of merch includes a wine-dispensing backpack that makes drinking on the go not only possible but pretty easy.

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  1. The merch line is pretty impressive as a whole. The range is pretty varied but full of items every Franzia lover will enjoy. There are “I Heart Boxed Wine” party cups, “Best Franz” necklaces, and the aforementioned wine-dispensing backpack just to name a few. They’re also selling socks, a one-piece, Bluetooth speakers, and more. No item is more expensive than $65, because why would you pay a fortune when the wine itself is a bargain?
  2. This is a pretty smart move, to be honest. Franzia boxed wine is pretty popular with vino lovers of all ages, so it only makes sense that they would attempt to continue broadening their appeal and branding by branching out into merch. “There is a special kind of friendship formed around a box of Franzia that turns friends into ‘Franz.’ Our goal is to connect with these consumers throughout all of life’s friendship moments by continually offering new ways to interact with the brand,” chief marketing officer Jeff Dubiel said in a statement. “With our line of merchandise, we are giving our biggest ‘Franz’ fun new options for sharing how they are Franzia ‘Franz for Life.'”
  3. This whole collection has been in the works for a while now. Why did it take until 2020 for Franzia to start selling merch? Hey, you can’t rush perfection. As a spokesperson for the company said in a press release, “[It’s] something Franzia fans have been asking about for years and now they can proudly demonstrate their passion for the brand while hanging out with Franz.”
  4. But seriously, I need a Franzia backpack. I want to take my wine with me whenever I go! The ease and simplicity of grabbing a box of red and popping it in there when I head out is all too appealing, so I know what I’ll be picking up soon. In the meantime, you can shop the entire collection online on the Franzia webstore.
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