Starbucks Is Giving Away Free Drinks Today Only—Here’s What You Need To Know

If you need your morning caffeine fix on the way to the office, chances are you’ve stopped at Starbucks once or twice (or perhaps every morning). The coffee chain offers something for everyone, even those who aren’t that into coffee, and everything tastes pretty delicious. The only problem is that it’s a bit expensive, which is why I’m totally taking advantage of the fact that Starbucks is giving away free coffee today, December 5.

Here’s what you need to know about how to get it.

  1. It’s ONLY happening on Thursday. That means you’ll need to get down to your local Starbucks before the shop closes today if you want to take advantage of the offer. And bring either a serious sense of thirst or a friend because…
  2. It’s actually a BOGO deal. Basically, you’ll have to buy one Starbucks drink to get another one free. You’ll need to be purchasing a drink in Grande size or larger, so Talls won’t work here. As long as you meet that condition, you can order whatever drink you want to get a drink free.
  3. Your free drink can be different than the one you paid for. If you buy a peppermint mocha, you don’t have to get that same drink as your free one. You can choose (or your friend can choose) whichever drink you want from Starbucks’ extensive menu, which is a pretty sweet day.
  4. This is a twist on happy hour, so time your visit carefully. The BOGO deal only applies between the hours of 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. so visiting in the morning or right before closing is no good. If you want free coffee, hit up your local Starbucks between those hours and you’re golden.
  5. Not every Starbucks location is participating in the promo. The majority of them are, but you might want to check that your local Starbucks is giving out free coffee before you place your order.
  6. So how do you get it? It’s pretty simple. While you don’t need to be a Starbucks Rewards member (though you really should be – why not earn more free coffee in the future?), you do need to have the Starbucks app on your phone. Once in the app, you should find the offer in your Inbox, which you can activate from there. Drink up!
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