This French Fry Lamp Wants To Light Up Your House With Carby Goodness

If you’re anything like me, you probably love potatoes in any form. Chips? Check. Mashed potatoes? You betcha! Wedges? Yup! Waffle cut? Uh huh. Basically, if it’s made from potato, it’s bound to be delicious. You may not be able to eat his french fry lamp, but you can use it to display your love of the spud to everyone lucky enough to come to your place to see it.

  1. You can get your DIY on. Lampables makes lamps with interchangeable shades, each with different designs. They come somewhat flat-packed, meaning you’ll need to put them together yourself. Don’t worry, it’s nothing as complicated as Ikea furniture—there are very few pieces, each clearly labeled, and it shouldn’t take more than a minute or two at most.
  2. That’s right, the shades are interchangeable. That means if you suddenly decide that you’re done with fries and instead want to celebrate your love of, say, donuts or bacon, you can just change it up.
  3. They’re perfect for a bedside table or a desk. The lamp is 20 inches tall, making it big enough to provide some decent light and be a centerpiece of the room but not so big that it looks out of place. (I imagine there’s a limit to how big of a french fry motif you’d want in your room.)
  4. The ink on the print is fade-proof. Lampables makes all of their prints in-house and promises that their ink is UV- cured, high resolution and archival, meaning the print won’t fade anytime soon. I’m sure you’ll want to use your french fry lamp well into old age (who wouldn’t?!) and you’ll be able to.
  5. It’s a great novelty gift. If you have a younger sibling, cousin, friend, or even a colleague who’d appreciate a fun gift as much as they appreciate delicious french fries, get them this. Guaranteed no one else will have thought of something so awesome and it’s something they’ll remember forever.

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