Fri-Nally! 10 Ways Basic Girls Enjoy Spending Their Weekends

Being labeled “basic” doesn’t necessarily have positive connotations to it, but that’s silly. There’s nothing wrong with appreciating the simple pleasures in life — that doesn’t make us unsophisticated, it makes us awesome because we’re comfortable enough in our own skin to not care about what anyone else thinks. If you’re a basic girl too, you probably spend your weekends doing one or more of these things — and why shouldn’t you? Live it up!

  1. Perusing farmers’ markets. We go hard at farmers’ markets, smelling every heirloom tomato in reach but never buying any. We chat with the vegan cheese lady and when we’re feeling really bold, we tell her we’ve always wanted to cut out animal byproducts. She believes us and we do too. After all, we’re high from the smell of freshly baked bread, peach salsa, tamales, etc…
  2. Crafting and DIY projects. Honeycomb shelves, yarn weavings, mason jar hand soap dispensers… Thanks, Pinterest! We want to make all the things – even if we do end up spending more on craft supplies than we’d have spent buying the finished product new. The satisfaction of doing it ourselves is a drug that forever keeps us coming back for more pom-poms and glitter.
  3. Brunching like there’s no tomorrow. Basic girls are fueled by brunch and photogenic coffee. Give us all the croissants and French toast made with brioche (whatever that is). Did I mention us basic girls love carbs? Well, we do – no matter how many salads get posted on our Instagram accounts. Champagne cheers to the freakin’ weekend!
  4. Taking pictures in front of pretty walls. We do this Way WAY too much, and we all know the rules. Hand on hip, elbow out, foot pop, smile. We’re pretty sure there’s a secret handbook out there somewhere: The Basic Girl’s Guide to Taking Basic Pics. It’s also where we learn the art of the selfie and how to take glamor shots of our lattes.
  5. Driving with the music up and the windows down. This is common road-trip behavior as well. Dancing in the passenger seat and belting the words to the basic girl’s anthem (AKA any Adele song) is our jam. It’s cathartic and helps us recharge our batteries for the work week to come.
  6. Pampering ourselves. There’s nothing better than relaxing in the massage chair at the nail salon – except maybe a real massage. We get our nails and hair done with our besties, our mothers-in-law, our sisters – anyone who understands the addiction and respects the ritual. While our toes are getting pedicured, we chat and sip our chai lattes and quietly regret not shaving our hairy calves.
  7. Snapchatting with our besties. Our Snapchat game is at its strongest on the weekends. We love to exchange flower-crowned selfies and our best ugly faces with our favorite people. Our social platform of choice, Snapchat, helps us document all the other activities on this list. Because we all know if it didn’t get posted on the internet, it didn’t really happen. Just kidding, sort of.
  8. Baking up a storm. We’re really into baking – especially of the seasonal variety. Cookies, cupcakes, and pies make our world go around. If it’s September or October, count on pumpkin-flavored everything. Yes, Lord. If it’s February, count on everything being pink and heart-shaped. You get the idea.
  9. Shopping, shopping, and shopping some more. Outlet malls, boutiques, Target – our love runs deep. We battle the worst brand of traffic to spend our Saturdays browsing at Anthropologie or West Elm. Then finally, with tired feet, bags full of skinny jeans, and empty Starbucks cups in hand, we collapse on the couch. Queue Netflix.
  10. Binge-watching Netflix in bed. This is what Sunday afternoons are made of. If we’re really lucky, we have some canine company curled up next to us, but all we really need is a pint of sea salt and caramel gelato, a cozy blanket, and Lorelai Gilmore.