If You Love ‘Friends’ You Need To Hit Up The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Collab The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

If You Love ‘Friends’ You Need To Hit Up The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Collab

Friends may have premiered a whopping 25 years ago—seriously, where does the time go?!—but it’s just as popular as ever and continues to usher in a new generation of fans who love Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey, and Phoebe just as much as the original viewers did back in the ’90s. If you love the show, you’ll want to get over to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf ASAP.

Central Perk is real, y’all. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has put together a Friends collab to celebrate the legendary sitcom’s anniversary that includes tinned and bagged coffee and tea blends you can bring home as well as drinks you can order in any of their stores.

It’s only available for a limited time. The collaboration will be live on the chain’s website and in store from July 31 to August 27th, so you’ll have to be quick if you want to partake in all the Friends goodness. The collection is live on the website now so you can begin shopping immediately if you want.

The take-home stuff will let you savor the Friends goodness for longer. If you don’t live near a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf retail location, want to buy gifts for your real-life friends, or simply want to get some extras to keep for yourself for later, there’s a huge selection of take-home coffees and teas you can grab. They sell a medium and dark roast coffee, flavored black tea bags, and even Friends mugs.

The in-store drinks are even more awesome! They have a special brew for each of the Friends characters. There’s The Joey, which is mango cold brew tea; The Monica, which is midnight mocha cold brew; The Ross, which is a classic flat white; The Rachel, which is a matcha latte; The Chandler, which is a caramel coconut latte; The Phoebe, which is a cookies and cream ice blended espresso drink. Yum!

There’s even a special friendship discount. If you happen to stop into a retail location during the week of August 4th, you can buy one drink and get the other free. Take your BFF for this 2-for-1 deal in honor of National Friendship Day. AMAZING.

The Ross - classic flat whiteThe Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

The Rachel - matcha latteThe Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

The Phoebe - cookies and cream ice blendedThe Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

The Monica - midnight mocha cold brewThe Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

The Joey - mango cold brew teaThe Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

The Chandler - Caramel Coconut LatteThe Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

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