To My Friends Who Picked Up The Pieces After My Last Breakup

Breakups are hard AF for anyone, but thankfully I didn’t have to deal with my broken heart alone. My friends have always had my back, and this was no different. To the friends who helped me pick up the pieces after my last breakup, you’ll never know how grateful I am. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Thank You For Never Saying “I Told You So.” 

I knew it wasn’t the best relationship. You knew it wasn’t the best relationship. Thank you for letting this go unsaid and congratulating me on finally ending it rather than rubbing it in my face that you’d thought so all along, way before I had the balls to do it myself. Thank you for not rubbing salt in the wound for the sake of being right.

Thank You For Not Belittling Our Relationship. 

As crappy as the relationship was, thank you for never acting like it was anything less than a proper relationship. Even if you’d had more serious relationships or longer lasting ones, you always made me feel like mine was just as important and understood that the breakup hurt just as much. Thank you for not comparing your mountain to my molehill.

Thank You For Never Judging Me. 

Opening my door to you with my tear-stained face and my three-day-old pajamas probably warranted a bit of judgment, but you never did. Instead, you climbed into bed with me in the middle of the day, brought along Bridget Jones and ice cream so that I could enjoy my breakup in style — and because of that, you’re simply the best!

Thank You For Always Listening. 

I know my conversations became a bit repetitive, so thank you for having the same ones over and over again with me without losing patience. I know it probably got boring dissecting the same text messages or when I decided to Facebook stalk him for the 10th time, but you always listened and provided the perfect amount of tough love when I needed it.

Thank You For Not Staying Friends With Him. 

I would never have asked this of you and would have been fine if you’d stayed friends with my ex, but I’m so grateful that you didn’t. It meant the world that you chose our friendship. But more importantly, I’m just so thankful that I don’t have to bump into him at any social engagements or worry that he might be invited to your next house party.

Thank You For Giving Me Time. 

Thank you for not pushing me to do something I wasn’t ready for, like date or download Tinder. You allowed me to mope, be upset and embrace all my emotions around my breakup and never made me feel like I was taking too long to process my crap. Thank you for giving me time and space to get over my relationship instead of yelling, “Move on already!”

Thank You For Keeping Me Company. 

When I wasn’t the most fun person around and wanted to stay in more Fridays that I should’ve, thanks for being a homebody with me. We made some of our best memories and you made me smile in a time that I really needed it. You made me feel less lonely and I can’t love you more for that.

Thank You For Letting Me Have My Emotions. 

Thank you for understanding that it’s okay to be sad and never telling me not to cry. Thank you for knowing that I would eventually go back to my former self in due course, and for knowing that just because I wasn’t laughing and smiling every day doesn’t mean that former bubbly self of mine wouldn’t come back.

Thank You For Making Me Laugh. 

My optimism eventually returned, and that’s thanks in part to you helping me see the good in the situation. You always lightened the mood when I got too sad and miserable and you were the people who knew how to put a smile on my face. Even in some of my sob sessions, you managed a laugh out of me.

Thank You For Dragging Me Out Of The House. 

When my bed felt like home for way too long, thank you for making me go outside and see the world I was avoiding. Thank you for the tough love and that gentle shove out of the front door. You reminded me how much good stuff I was missing and gave me the courage to get out there and start dating again.

Thank You For Showing Me How To Be Single Again. 

Thank you for showing me how much fun being single is. You were perfect role models and helped me embrace my new label. You made me look forward to our single times together, so thank you for all that you did, I am so much better off for it!

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