Best Friends Pose In Same Outfits To Show How Clothes Look On Different Body Types

Two best friends are doing God’s work by posting photos of themselves wearing identical outfits despite having completely different body types. Denise Mercedes and Maria Castellanos are both incredibly body-positive women who have gone viral on social media for displaying that fashion doesn’t discriminate and that you can look hot as hell in anything if you feel confident in it.

  1. Denise and Maria created the #stylenotsize hashtag. The best friends, who live in New York City, initially went viral on TikTok for their adorable outfit posts. However, they wanted to make a bigger statement, so they took their incredible fashion photography to Instagram and I’m so glad they have!!
  2. They’ve inspired so many other women to join in. Because of #stylenotsize, tons of BFFs from around the world have decided to follow in Denise and Maria’s footsteps and pose in their own amazing clothes. It’s a beautiful movement.
  3. They wear so many amazing clothes! From bikinis to jeans and tees to businesswear and party clothes, Denise and Maria wear it all and they look incredible doing it. It’s so great to see women who can rock literally any style and still look amazing!
  4. The outfit looks entirely different on both of them. What’s so cool to see is that despite the fact that the women are wearing the same exact outfits in the photos, they look totally different because their bodies are different. However, they both look beautiful and perfect, once again proving that size really doesn’t matter.
  5. You can follow Denise and Maria‘s adventures on Instagram. Not only that, but the #stylenotsize hashtag is incredible too. There’s so much good content on there, you’ll definitely be inspired.

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